03 March 2009

My kids

So, I love my kids. And by my kids, I also mean my sister's kids. Because honestly, the more time we all spend together (since we're now so close to one another) the more the lines between cousins and siblings seems to fade. I love having my nieces and nephews over to play, or sitting with my darling sisters (sisters-in-law included) and visiting while the little ones run around and happily pull out every toy out of each sorted bin in the house. Of course, there are more sorted bins in my sisters' houses than mine, but I do have a few.

This last week could be titled a cousin marathon. We spent almost everyday with one cousin or another. One day even going from my sister's house in Draper up to my Aunt Fay's home in Layton where I got to visit with MY cousins, aunts, and grandma while those cousins played. (Jack informed me that this day was just like Disneyland. We got to go right from one fun thing to another!) What would my cousins' kids and my kids even be... second cousins? First cousins, once removed? Who knows? The point is, they sure enjoyed being together.

So, here's where my regret comes in... I have been terrible at taking pictures. Did I get burned out in Bangkok since I never left home without my camera? It was more in fear that I'd miss something I'd never see again, and I probably did. But, I don't remember what I missed because I don't have a picture of it to remind me. So, maybe ignorance really is bliss?

I DID have my camera on Thursday when I stole Vanessa's two boys for the day, while she filled her time with all kinds of productive things. Most importantly, spending time adoring her three week old baby, Drew. And that boy is worth every bit of adoring.

So, I got to take Clark and John home with me to be my numbers three and four for the day. We played at home, played at our favorite park (who could resist the sunshine?), and played outside with the neighbor kids on everything we own that has wheels, which unfortunately isn't much.

John and Jane loved sitting together in the van, and requested I take a picture of them being happy and holding hands. John was loving that he was "in charge" of the soccer ball on the way to the park. (Are built-in car seats the best or what?)

Unfortunately, after all that anticipation Johnny never quite made it to play soccer at the park since he fell asleep in the car five minutes before we pulled in. He had a nice two hour nap while the other kids played and played, and woke up happy (this kid is always happy) as we loaded ourselves back in the car to head home. Luckily, cousins also distract from missed opportunities so he didn't even complain about not playing on the very cool toys.

It was still cool, but did you notice that gorgeous sky?

Jack and Clark loved our simple picnic and gobbled up their sandwiches and crackers so they could enjoy the main event... gummy worms. It WAS a special day!

Jane would have stayed on these swings forever and was happy as a clam.

Another exciting thing from the week was having Jack home from school. He gets two weeks off (year around school) and I am loving having him home. I signed both the kids up for swim class at a local indoor pool and they've been loving them. (I discovered that my lens was all foggy, hence the blurry picture)

They go MWF mornings for their 40 minute class. The best part is, even though they're in different levels, they can have their classes in the same pool at the same time! Yay! One trip, two lessons, and I get to watch them both without having to worry about entertaining (or containing) anyone. It's a great system.

Jane has found a friend in her class, and it's hilarious to watch them together. He's a bit more hesitant, but she doesn't hold back. Whenever they all sit along the wall, she squeezes herself in so she can sit beside him. She encouragingly pats him on the back just before he jumps in, and I overheard her inviting him on her "adventure" today, which I'm afraid might mean to venture past their set boundaries. She's had to sit on the side by herself twice for swimming too far. She has no fear, but is still learning she has to listen to the teacher, so I think this is good for her.

I love seeing my kids all dressed up in Sunday attire, but I have to admit, my favorite is seeing them in their swimsuits. Do you just want to gobble Jane up, or what?

And look at this kid's muscles! How handsome is he?

Jack and Jane are always FREEZING when they get out of the pool. Luckily, they think it's hilarious to chatter their teeth and laugh at each other's purple lips. This is them showing me just how freezing they are before they jump in the shower.

It's been a good week, although quite exhausting! I decided we'll take it a little slower this week and just enjoy NOT having too much of a schedule while Jack's out of school. Do I really have to send him back? Sometimes I know exactly how my kids feel when they have something they don't want to share. In my case, it's my Jack I don't want to share!

I'll leave you with two things: A) a picture of Jane with her friend, Lilly, at our ward talent show on Saturday night. This little Lilly is so independent and has been key to Jane being able to separate from us each Sunday as she goes to her own little primary class. Thank goodness for good friends! Notice the nutritious refreshments. Jane was in heaven.

and B) a video of Jack performing "Allegro" for the talent show. He was really hesitant to do it at first, but he did a GREAT job. More than anything, I'm realizing the reason I keep teaching Jack violin. It's not because he loves it, because, let's be honest, what child loves to practice every day? It's because he is SO proud of himself when he does it. He realizes it's a lot of work, and performing is such a great opportunity for him to succeed and feel pleased with all that he's done. Every day is an accomplishment when we get our practicing in and have fun doing it. I'm so proud of him for keeping it up. Enjoy!


Becky said...

That was a great video! Seeing my kids so proud of their accomplishments is one of the best things ever. :o)

And I agree, kids in swimsuits are so cute!

Call me Mimi said...

I'm just so darn pleased as can be, Mindy, that you have made Jack's practicing so rewarding and fun. I can tell that it makes him so happy to perform. I have to say that he has some of the best technique I've seen for a child his age. Good job to both of you. Love it!

napa-dipu said...

Mindy, thanks for post many pictures about your Kids " I love your Kinds " too Jack & Jane you make me more happiness every time when I open your blog. I love Jane swimsuit and you remember ? one vedio you put in blog about Jane can swimmimg when she age I think only 1 or 2 years, she so good! I remember Jane smile all the time same like in that pictere :) I love your KIDS very much !
Love ,

Bettie said...

How fun to be spending so much time with family!
We are all very impressed with Jack's playing - Bryce had to stop what he was doing to come watch and smile about how well he does.
Thanks for sharing with us :)