15 June 2012

Jane's journal

My Jane loves writing in her journal.  I love looking through it to see what she's written or drawn.  Today was a treat.  She lost her tooth yesterday, as you will find out.  This game of "hard and soft" that she talks about was a new one yesterday.  It has a lot of potential of going bad, but so far, it's just produced a tooth that seriously needed to come out, so we'll let it go for now!

The little elephant on her bed is what she kept her tooth in for the Tooth Fairy.  You may also notice the note and gold coin on her bed that the Tooth Fairy left for her.  It pretty much made her whole day.

Another one of my favorite drawings... her hospital bed is a little more ornate than mine was!  But, the comfort level of that bed seems fitting.  Not a fan of those beds. 

On a side note, I just found out how much money we saved by sleeping in that bed for only one night.  Seriously, I can't believe they charge so much for a horrible bed and people waking you up every two hours!

And just in case you were wondering... Jane DOES love baby Anne.  She is the best helper around.  I often wonder how I managed a newborn without her!