23 January 2012

Christmas in a Nutshell

I love Christmas. Especially Christmas Eve.

Here's our holiday week in a nutshell.

Gingerbread house building with more eating than building.

A new tradition... so yum. I love Alice's face.

Nativity with an animal this year. A first for us.

Annual Pajama pictures...

And being a little silly...

Christmas morning anticipation...

Santa brought us a new member of our family, that Jack has named Comet. (Santa left Jack a note asking him to rename her since the elves were all calling her "Princess Flower Pants". We thought Comet was more fitting.) We are all madly in love with her. This picture pretty much encompasses what we did all day Christmas.

Not only did we add Comet, but we also found out Christmas afternoon that our baby will be another girl! We are thrilled! (Although, Jack is feeling pretty outnumbered)

First ice skating experience for the kids at our annual Rich gathering at Noah's. It was short and sweet, until Jack feel hard and hit his head. He's learned how to recover fast. Years of practice!

And we said a "see you later" to Elder Alaguretnam (top left), who's on his way to North Carolina! We couldn't be more excited for him and his family!

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright!