18 November 2009

How I'm feeling

I'm feeling a large quantity of OVERWHELMED right now. Anyone else get that way when the holidays begin? I pretty much feel that way every Monday.

For some reason, this week it's hitting me on a Tuesday. Why am I doing something so unnecessary as blogging with my free time, you may be thinking? Posting has been hanging over me, for some reason. Isn't it funny how things you usually enjoy can easily turn into a task when there are other things on the priority list?

I'm letting myself off the hook for a bit. I've got a project keeping me busy until at least Thanskgiving. So for now, that's what I'm going to focus on. So, enjoy your Thanksgiving. Be grateful. Do something good. And know that the Hillmans love you.

09 November 2009

Halloween and such

I realized this week that this was Jane's FIRST Halloween in the U.S. where she's actually gone trick-or-treating. Her last one was when she was about five weeks old, and although she looked darling, she wasn't really into treats then. We had some great Halloweens in Thailand, thanks to some dear ward members that let us pretend we live in their pseudo-American neighborhood for the evening, but this one really felt like the good ol' days.

An evening with family (always the best part for all of us), food, and lots of treats.

Alice with my darling sister-in-law. They have a special bond, and I love it.

Some of the boys at dinner-time. Can you tell they have a good time together? I was sure Jack was going to bust a gut.

Sweet sisters, Jane and Alice.

Mrs. Potts (Mimi) and my pumpkin.

Jane and Mia (18 months apart) sure have connected lately. They love to play, and even talk on the phone sometimes!

One of my favorite pictures of the night. It was just fun.

Even the "triplets" enjoyed themselves.

Other random things we've been up to... we've been sick. BUT, we did hit a couple of good days in the park with friends. Thank goodness, because I think this good weather is on its way out!

Alice loves to swing.

Three of Jack's favorite girls. Does he keep good company or what?

This is what kids should be doing in the fall. I loved watching them.

A lunch date with Grandma and Grandpa Ottley, Mom, and Vanessa at Gardner Village. Jane sure loves her great-grandparents. She kept cuddling right up to Grandpa and wanting to hold his hand.

Occasionally, Jane says, "Mom, take my picture!". This was such a time, and I'm glad I did. Why fight it?

One of Jack's creations: Sail is down.

Sail is up. Can you tell what happened? It was a little better when you could see how he made it. (No his room isn't always this messy, but it's definitely NOT uncommon!)

This is Jeff's eye after a night of rolling primer in our basement. He got PAINT on his contacts. We're finally to that point and we're getting anxious to be DONE. It will still be a while, but we're getting there!

Hope you all have enjoyed your fall and are loving this wonderful season of gratitude.