02 September 2011

School days

School and I have a love/hate relationship.

I LOVE back to school shopping, the excitement of that first day. I just HATE knowing I won't have my kids with me as much as I want.

Jack, however, was all LOVE. He couldn't WAIT for 3rd grade!

This has become his typical "I'm so excited I can hardly contain it!" photo.

I LOVE the structure of the school year, yet HATE to give up my freedom of taking off somewhere whenever we want!

But, this IS a big year. Jane FINALLY gets to start school! She's been counting down the days. (I love how Alice is looking at her)

Jane is a big Kindergartener, and finally gets to play on that playground she's talked about for 2 years!

I had no idea what to expect with this unpredictable child. She gave us quick kisses and the aides let her in the door, and she was off! NOT ONE SECOND of HESITATION. I almost cried. But instead, I was overcome with gratitude and pride for my independent girl.

I still feel like taking pictures of her every day. She is such a darling little school girl. And, in the last week she's gone from preferring dresses and skirts, to refusing to wear almost anything else. Hopefully those knee-high socks will keep her warm enough in the winter!

Alice and I now have 2 hours in the afternoons. After a summer hiatus, I've started sweeping my floors again! The possibilities are endless!