31 March 2010

The computer...

.. is no longer my constant companion. Since our basement has been done, and we moved the computer downstairs, I find myself forgetting about it completely. Last week, Jeff came home from work and about died (or Jeff's equivalent amount of drama which really is just a "what?") when he discovered the computer had yet to be turned on for the day. This really is not like me. Or "me" during the last several years anyway.

I kind of like the new me. I like not having my browser open all the time and hearing the "ding" when an IM pops up. I like having less distraction while I'm getting the kids lunch, reading books, or just playing. It's kind of nice.

So, you may or may not have noticed my blogging absence. I feel it hanging over my head sometimes. Then I realize (or should I say, remember?) that I'm a nerd. I let things hang over my head that in the end really don't matter. I let my mind feel overwhelmed when there really is no reason. So, blogging, although it's fun, isn't necessary. But, I have to admit, this way of keeping a record is fantastic. Plus, when I do sit down, it's fun to read your blogs! So, thanks for doing something that's extra, so I can enjoy small glimpses into your lives!

We've been full of sickness in our house. Everyone but Jane, that is. It makes sense. She's the one with the least amount of germy contact on a regular basis. I'm sure that will change when she starts school. Alice, unfortunately, has seen the worst of it. She's on round 3 in about the last 4 weeks.

Jeff celebrated his birthday last Friday, and was sicker than Alice for the few days surrounding it. It probably would have been fine, but we've discovered the way Jeff likes to celebrate his birthday is with food, and his taste buds were on vacation for the few days a year when our house contains chips, donuts, soda, and fried chicken all at once. He was pretty miserable. Luckily, he perked up enough that we could still enjoy dinner and an evening at the symphony.

Here are the birthday boys, with two of their girls. These twins really are looking less and less alike these days. Anyone agree?

We've enjoyed several fun days with family lately. That's why we're in Utah, right? So, why not enjoy it?

Mimi and Papa took all the girls to Disney on Ice for their birthdays this year. The girls loved the show, but even more so, just being together.

Another one of Mia and Jane because these girls are two peas in a pod! They're 18 months apart, but have become the best of friends, and it is SO fun to watch!

Another cousin day, this time at the Children's museum. These triplets are a little young, but still enjoyed the action. Can you guess (or remember) who's the youngest? Looks like my Alice, but actually it's Ruthie. Alice is a little runt, and it's a whole new adventure to have such a petite little one! Although Drew looks like he could eat the other two, he's actually only 3 months older than Alice!

Jane was so proud of her creation. I love those building tables. My kids could play there for hours!

Also included in our family outings, is an evening celebrating Dharshan's 21st birthday! We enjoyed having Family Home Evening with them, eating amazing food (as always. And right in theme with Jeff's birthday week!), and meeting their new friend from their ward. Unfortunately, this was the best picture of everyone (minus Nitharshan the photographer).

It was a fun evening, as usual, and we loved hearing about their adventures in school, playing soccer, and going to English classes. My favorite quote of the night was from Abby: "We did science in school. It was like MAGIC!"

Oh, we love this sweet family!

And because I'm a proud mama, here's what I spend my days looking at...

Are you not jealous? Through fevers, colds, and cutting teeth, she's still an angel.

I took this one of Jane this morning. It struck me how fast she is growing up! Playing her violin in her newly hand-me-downed bath robe with her cute facial expressions. She's turning into a good little violinist, and I love practicing with her. I also love that she hums along when she's concentrating really hard.

Where's Jack, you may ask. He's much too busy to stop for a picture. He's loving school, doing great with violin, losing teeth, getting excited about the upcoming soccer season, and reading everything he can get his hands on. All on his own, he made a "ring holder" that he stuck on our bathroom mirror for Jeff's birthday. Give this boy cardboard, toothpicks, scissors, and (of course) tape, and he can do anything. Just like his daddy.

So, that's that. We're living life, and not recording much of it, but we are sure enjoying it! I'm not online as much, not posting much, but feeling fine about it. Fine, I tell you.

01 March 2010

With love from Jack

"To Alice, you are so cute I want to eat you. To Alice with love from Jack"

What more could a mother ask for than to have her children love each other so much they wish they were edible?