18 November 2009

How I'm feeling

I'm feeling a large quantity of OVERWHELMED right now. Anyone else get that way when the holidays begin? I pretty much feel that way every Monday.

For some reason, this week it's hitting me on a Tuesday. Why am I doing something so unnecessary as blogging with my free time, you may be thinking? Posting has been hanging over me, for some reason. Isn't it funny how things you usually enjoy can easily turn into a task when there are other things on the priority list?

I'm letting myself off the hook for a bit. I've got a project keeping me busy until at least Thanskgiving. So for now, that's what I'm going to focus on. So, enjoy your Thanksgiving. Be grateful. Do something good. And know that the Hillmans love you.

1 comment:

Emily said...

Letting yourself off the hook is the best idea ever. I shall decree it my personal motto for the month of December....