30 March 2009

Jeff turns 31!

Our big event this week was Jeff's birthday! My goodness, some days I feel like we are getting so old! But honestly, has 31 ever looked so good?

Jeff's not really one who's big into presents, so we decided to make Jeff a super-duper candy birthday card. Jack totally got into it and was SO anxious to be by my side for every step. He even designed the front cover! (that's a bird, by the way)

I was hoping he'd add a little to the inside as well, as I'm definitely not a creative person, but by that point, he'd decided he'd contributed enough. This was a fun and simple way to do something for Jeff on his special day, and if you know my husband, you probably know that food makes him happy. Although, you certainly wouldn't know that by looking at him!

We also enjoyed meeting him for a birthday lunch downtown, which ended with us all going home after for naps, seeing as Jeff has been feeling pretty sick all week. But hey, naps? Sounds like a good day to me!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of either of our birthday dinners with Jason (Jeff's twin brother) and his family. Why is it I don't get pictures with the people we see most often? Note to self: get some of those.

Our whole week really was quite nice, except for the snow almost every day. Weather here is so unpredictable this time of year, so we're trying to enjoy what days we actually can enjoy leaving the house.

Jane and I spent some time at a baby shower for my cousin on Saturday. It's not too uncommon for her to fall asleep in the car during a longer drive, but I always feel bad with these built-in carseats because there's nowhere for her to lay her head during the journey. She works it out okay in the end. I couldn't help but get a picture of her. Goodness, she's sweet.

Saturday ended up being one of the only good afternoons for getting out all week. I made everyone go outside to keep me company while I planted the pansies Jeff bought last weekend. I haven't the least idea what I'm doing in a garden, but can I really make it worse? Jeff gave our garage a much needed makeover, and the kids rode bikes and smashed rocks with some neighbor girls. What could be more fun? We ended our productive afternoon by making the most of this dang wind. We took the kite to the school and flew it as high as it would go.

I took so many pictures while we were out. When we do things like flying a kite, I can't help but ask myself why we don't do it more often. Flying a kite is such a simple pleasure. It's such a small thing, yet brings 100 times more smiles than any of those fancy toys kids think they want. On a windy day, why would you need anything else?

Jack was so thrilled to show Jane how to do it. (And Jeff and I were thrilled the wind was just right to take it up as soon as we let it go. Although I was prepared to do the "up, kite up!" routine that got Frog and Toad's kite flying so well. Anyone else Frog and Toad fans?)

They got pretty good at taking turns by the end, but maybe two kites wouldn't be a bad idea.

They were so enthralled with it. And notice Jane's sweater mis-buttoned. I love it.

Jeff and I were happy we didn't need to run with it to get it up, but I guess that's half the fun!

I love the look on her face. Joy.

And, of course, they wanted to fly it home. I love Jack in the background.

What a GREAT way to end the day! What kinds of activities do you have in your "simple pleasures" category? What are you looking forward to most this summer?

And one last random picture from this morning...

After getting the kids ready for church, and then letting them play while Jeff and I tried to get ready, they called us in the see their pirate ship. Jack was quite proud of his "sail" (notice the blanket spread over the ladder, bottom right), and Jane and Jack had each come up with a way to make a canon for the top of the ship. Jack's is a vacuum attachment (that thing has done WAY more things than just keep our carpets clean), and Jane's was a spool of wrapping ribbon that apparently doubles as a telescope.

I LOVE hearing them giggle and play together. No sound could make me happier.


byufish said...

I used to carry a bunch of kites and string in my trunk for days like those!! It's therapeutic...kite flying! DEFINITELY need more than one kite....you need FOUR KITES!

napa-dipu said...

Happy Birth Day to Jeff , Have good health,Have goodness for everything, you have very nice family I love your family!
Napa Sharma

bevany said...

Happy Birthday to Jeff. Dang, he's old :) How fun to go kite flying! I think my girls need kites in their easter baskets! WE are totally frog and toad fans. Love those books. I can't wait to go to the pool this summer but it could be interesting with tree kids.

Call me Mimi said...

I just love flying a kite. These are very precious pictures. Jeff is lucky to get such a creative card for his birthday....did you do one for Jason also? I love you all.