15 March 2009

Very helpful

My super-husband finished framing our basement last Saturday, yay! He did it in less than three weeks and it looks awesome. We are SO excited. I was also excited to have him take a little time off this week so I could have him do some upstairs repairs I've been waiting on. (While Jeff never fails to rise above and beyond my expectations with home-repair, I continue to get worse and worse at it because I just end up saving that kind of thing for him, knowing his perfectionist self will do a MUCH better and faster job than impatient ol' me. Very similar to my outlook on computer issues. It's a cycle I do NOT recommend starting!)

We bought some new faucets to try and refresh our bathrooms to a less rental-looking state. Jeff decided to not waste our post-bedtime time together and do it while the kids were still awake. Brave man, he is. This is what I found.

I couldn't have replaced the faucets with an instructional DVD and all the time in the world. Here he is doing it in no time with two very curious helpers. Can you even find him?

And, here's a little bonus of Jane after making her self extra beautiful with my make-up. She felt so darn pretty I couldn't possibly wash it off, so it remained until it rubbed itself off on who-knows-how-many things throughout the day.

Pardon the poor pictures. Until just a few minutes ago, I was unaware of where the new place I picked for the camera was, so these were taken with my phone. Thank you, Jeff, and your very un-pregnant mind that remembers things like that.

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napa-dipu said...

My Jane so beautiful !