23 February 2009

Jeff's baby

We have two babies joining our family this year. As you know, my baby is arriving mid-May, and I can still hardly believe she's coming so fast! (Can you tell I'm still in the "feeling great" phase?)

Yesterday, Jeff's "baby" arrived... or started to arrive. He labored for 14 hours, with the help of his brothers, and delivered like a champ! We know this is just the beginning, but I'm still a little in shock that we've actually even begun. He said he wanted to get started right away and I thought "Great! Go for it!", realistically thinking there will be 100 other things that we need to do first, but what can I say? He's amazing.

Isn't she beautiful?

He got almost three whole walls done, which was beyond my expectations. After getting the children in bed, I even helped for a couple hours. I learned how to use the "BIG saw" (which I now know as a chop saw), the nail gun (very scary, but surprisingly empowering), the "loud hammer thing" (which is actually called a power hammer and smells like the 4th of July), and I'm a wiz with a measuring tape and speed square (which should actually be called a triangle, don't you think?). And, I was happily singing (lucky for Jeff, it was inside my head) Ms. Werner's goggles song from my sophomore chemistry class while we worked. Any PHS Bulldogs remember that one?

Goggles, you'll love your goggles. They will keep your eyes from (stomp) burning out...

It was classic. Believe me.

It was fun to work down there together and see what he'd been doing all day while I'd been visiting with family, attending a baby shower, and trucking the kids to Provo and back. Nothing says "LOVE" like working together with big power tools!

So, our construction journey begins. It will be a slow process, I'm sure, but so far we're just thrilled to get ANY kind of start on it, as it will help our growing family enjoy our little home even more! Plus, there will be room for company! Any takers?

Three cheers for a do-it-yourself-er husband! Did I get lucky or what?


Joanna said...

I had completely forgotten about the "goggles" song. But now I can picture Ms. Werner singing it and the eye rolls it got from EVERYONE in the class!!! Thanks for the memory relived!

Andrew & Vanessa and kids said...

Ah, yes, the Goggles Song. She was dead serious when she'd sing that! Jeff IS amazing - no question about that. Good luck with the basement! Love you