17 February 2009

Moving day

Today was like Christmas.

We got our lives back... and attempted to squeeze ourselves back into our little home.

A big thanks goes to some of you...

who made it possible for my children to sleep in beds tonight.

Their own beds. It's been a while.

We love you.


Karen said...

Hi. I just stumbled across this and although I haven't had a chance to read it all, I can't wait to catch up on your life stateside.

It's fun to see pictures of Jane and Jack in the snow. Such a change from tropical heat of Bangkok. (and really, it's getting hot!)

byufish said...

Wow...IN BEDS! That has really been a long journey eh? Aren't kids just so good at adapting? Yours especially! LOVE the pictures...sleeping children just makes you forget all the stuff they did to aggravate you that day...at least that's what my Mom told me (ha!).