02 February 2009

Baby Hillman

Today I am 25 weeks along. Who knew? Actually, I think I've been telling people I'm 22 weeks for at least the last few weeks, so at my ultrasound when she said I was almost 25 weeks along, I was shocked! What a pleasant surprise!

I feel like pregnancy has taken a back seat to so many things things this time around. It makes me a little sad because I feel like I haven't had the mind set to really mentally and emotionally appreciate what a blessing it is to be pregnant. I LOVE being pregnant! And, right now, in my second trimester, that is SO easy to say. Maybe in a couple more months I won't be so in love with it, but for now, I'm feeling good! My little one is extremely active, even more so than Jack and Jane I would say, but then again, it feels like it's been forever since I've been pregnant, so have I just forgotten?

And, since this was my first serious ultrasound in the States, I finally found out that I am having another GIRL! How fun will that be? Anyone with sisters knows how wonderful they are, so I'm happy that I'll have two girls in a row who can grow up together and enjoy that unique bond that only sisters have. Jack was fairly sure we were having a girl, and Jane was hoping. We're all thrilled! Isn't she beautiful?

Speaking of sisters, this is the second child I'll have in the same year as my two sisters. Vanessa is due very soon, and Joanna in August. I can't wait for this set of cousin "triplets" to grow up together just like Jane and the boys will!

As I lay on the Ultrasound table, it hit me what a miracle creation is. We are so blessed to have this power to create little lives that we get to love and care for. And what trust our Father in Heaven must have in us! We can't wait to welcome another little girl into our family, and we are anxious to have our other children be a bit older so they can really share in the joy (and work!) of having a baby in our home.

So, I may be three weeks farther along than I realized, but still, she seems so far away! Is it too much to hope for to magically be 3 more weeks along than I expected in another couple of months?


KaraLyn said...

What wonderful news! I am so happy for you! Hope everything continues to go well with the pregnancy. :)

Jennifer said...

I Love baby Hillman. I'm glad you are feeling well. Yeah for sisters!!! My poor Jessica was sent to a family of boys - so Yeah for brothers :) Perhaps I need to pair up with Vanessa or Richard's family so Jessica can have a familial match.

Mindy said...

That's so exciting! How fun to have two girls in a row! And for you and your sisters to be pregnant at the same time and now to all be close together!

Marilyn said...

Hi Mindy, it's Marilyn again (I like to check up on you occasionally, and nice to have you back in Utah) :)--congratulations on your little girl! It's great that you are feeling so good. It looks like you are getting settled back into your house and everything---what an adventure you've had the last few months, and while probably feeling tired and sick too! Wow. Good for you! I love reading your blog; you're always so positive and upbeat and I love feeling like I have gotten to know your little family. You have such darling kids. Anyway, good luck with the pregnancy and say hi to your sister Joanna for me too. :)

byufish said...

Congrats!! I had sisters on either side of me....sometimes it wasn't fun but NOW it's great to have sisters so close in age! You have great insight Mindy...LOVE it all! Happy pregnancy and happy mothering! You're AWESOME!

Mimi and Papa in Provo said...

Mindy and Jeff: of course, we are so excited for Jane and Jack to have a little sister. Glad you are feeling well and that you are only 50 min. away from us. The ultrasound picture is cute and so are all of you, Love from your Mimi

napasharma@gmail.com said...

Mindy, I love you so much, I also want to be " MOM " same like you ! God very great ! I think is so woderful in my life, We also excited for new member Hillman too, Jane have sister be girl. ( Maybe she have in Thai name because make in Thailand ? )
1. Jai ( Heart )
2. Ja-Ja ( Calling word for lady same like Ka )
3. Joy ( Enjoy )
4. Jeab ( Chick )
5. Jun ( Moon )
6. Janjira ( The beautiful woman)
7. Jintana ( imagine )
later I'll sent some more name in Thai for you ok?

Bettie said...

Yeah! I love girls and sisters! However, beware the drama ;) Thanks for the visit. It was so fun to see you guys again. And nice that we still get along well - not that I was worried.
By the way - those are fun Thai names that Napa left - I think you've got some winners there. How will you pick one???

Mary Jane Ungrangsee said...

Congratulations! I am so excited to know you are having a girl. That is fantastic. Good luck with everything....

Kami said...

How exciting! You girls are so smart/lucky to have timed your pregnancies just right! Nice work! I can't believe I haven't seen you since you've been back. Call me next time you come up to Grandma's. Ann and I are both within 15 minutes of there!