20 January 2009

Our home... at last!

We moved out of our Bangkok apartment on December 11th. Where have we been since then? Five days in a Bangkok hotel (after our stuff was all packed up), three nights in Tokyo, four nights in San Francisco, two nights at the Hillmans', two nights at the Rich's, and how many nights in a downtown Salt Lake hotel? Oh yes, three weeks! Honestly, we love staying in hotels, especially ones like where we stayed in Salt Lake, but how long does that really last? Even with their amazing breakfasts and great staff, Jeff and I could barely even EAT that last meal there! A fact we both felt terrible about since the sweet breakfast lady had made us a special meal for our last morning. We did our best and paid for it the rest of the day, but how could we have said "no" after all the effort she had put in? The grand total of our hotel stays is roughly five weeks! To say the least, we were feeling ready to be in OUR home once again.

When we first walked in our home after the renters had left, it didn't feel like ours. It was cold, bare, had random things strewn about, a hole in the pantry door (which luckily was the only permanent damage), and it was VERY dirty. It's a well known fact that people generally don't take care of rental properties like they would their own homes, but it was a little sad to be on this end of it. People had been living in our house! We knew we needed to make it ours once again.

The last couple weeks have been spent cleaning, spackling, texturing, painting, and yes, more cleaning. We got all new carpet, and if we weren't sure replacing the carpet was a good choice before, after seeing the under side of it, we were positive. How could someone own a dog and let it "go" all over the house? Having new carpet (or any carpet at all!) has been a little piece of heaven. With each hour spent, the house has become more and more ours. Thanks to all the help we've received, which has been significant, the work has been fun and very effective.

We're happy to announce we are now no longer homeless, and we are all moved in! Until our stuff from Bangkok actually arrives, then we'll have a whole other round of unpacking and reorganizing. But, that day will feel like Christmas, so who's complaining? (VERY off topic, but since we've been back, I've noticed a lot of interesting English. One being the word "nother", as in "we'll have a whole nother round of unpacking". Do you say this? Is this a Utah thing? Take note, and share your opinion, please.) So, our sea shipment isn't here for a couple more weeks. In the meantime, the kids are camping out in the sleeping bags Santa so cleverly brought for them, and we continue to live out of our suitcases.

We've called four hotels "home" (our kids are quick to catch on to wherever we're calling home at the moment, thank goodness!), in the last month, and as much as I'll miss not having to clean my bathrooms, I can honestly say we are HAPPY to be HOME!

We built this home four and a half years ago and I don't think I've ever loved it so much. It's not big, it's not fancy, it's not our dream home, but somehow it still feels just right for us. It's been interesting to be here now with two children running around and no baby (does anyone else feel the urge to check on their child when the child is INSIDE them?). When we left, Jane wasn't walking (she was the baby!), and Jack was just three. Now they can both sit up at the bar for breakfast together (my favorite, especially since we don't have our table yet!). Who wouldn't love to see these two silly faces staring at them first thing in the morning?

I also am in LOVE with my GIGANTIC washer and dryer. Like I said earlier, things are just big here, and when it comes to this, I love it. Those Japanese models we had were fancy, but they didn't hold much, and it took at least 90 minutes to dry a load of laundry. I'll take my old, basic,
Whirlpool any day!

We painted a wall in our bedroom RED and we're loving it. Jane's in love with her green room, although I don't know if I dare seperate them into their seperate rooms, they've become such good roommates! We'll have to wait and see what this baby is, then make a decision. Any guesses? FYI, I have no idea what Jane was doing in this picture.

Jack's anxious for his bunkbeds to get here to put in his blue room.

I now have a DISHWASHER!

And the best part about our house... it's ours! We absolutely loved our high-rise apartment as it had LOTS of space (bigger than our finished square footage on our house right now!),and was new and felt fancy to us. It was in a perfect location for us, and the office staff took care of everything, and we'll DEFINITELY miss that pool. But like I said before, it makes a difference when it's yours, and we've definitely felt that. Our house isn't fancy or big, but it's home, and we love it!


Bethany said...

Oh my goodness, I have recently caught myself saying "whole nother" way too much. I don't know where I picked it up. My bet is that it is a Utah thing. I don't think I used to say it ...

KaraLyn said...

"nother" is definitely an Idaho thing as well. Glad you are back in your home! We can't wait to see you again! When is your baby due?

BYU Fish said...

Okay....there are lots of things that are said here in Utah that you'll need to keep your ears open to correct....for instance "I'm goinK to the mall" (everything with an "ing" ends up being "ink"); or "look at those beautiful mou-uns" (for some reason people here don't like to pronounce their "t's"). ONLY TWO RIGHT NOW...but I'll tell you more when I think you're ready to hear them ALL!! When are you coming back to the Orchestra at Temple Square?!

BYU Fish said...

Forgot to mention how different Jack looks with LONG hair!! Still that same mischevious, cute face though! And Jane is almost as tall as the wood part of that wall...it's like the move "grew them up". Speaking of walls...LOVE the colors of them! It's like a brand new house all over again!!

Team Hanni said...

Sooooo glad you are home!!! I'm not sure if I have heard "nother" around here. Farmers around here definately have some colorful ways of speaking- something I am still getting used to.... :)

napa-dipu said...

Hello Mindy, I'm Napa, Jack & Jane so,they growing up, Jack be Smartly boy Jane like to made everbody be happy this is her habbit! We miss them so much, Now I and Dipu we no have home but I'm sure for that soon we can have our home in Bkk , We rent apartment near tailor shop stay with love together but I'm very happy for that, We also have dream house! when that time coming My Family Welcome your family stay with us in Thailand ok? Miss your family " Jane love you!
Lot of love,

Shawn Stewart said...

Mindy, it's hard to believe you're really HOME! I can't believe I haven't seen you yet! Welcome back! The new carpet and paint looks great! We need to get together!

Shawn Stewart said...

Why am I posting as Shawn? I don't know. It's not Shawn--it's Kami!