10 January 2009

My Kindergartener

Jack started school this week. I took him to register on Monday, which consisted of filling out a few sheets and showing his immunization records. I wasn't completely prepared, considering his baby shots records are somewhere crossing the Pacific ocean, and it took Jeff and I a while to find his Social Security number, but honestly, the whole process seemed a little too easy! What? I don't pay any money? No registration fee, or deposit? I even got the track, teacher, and time I requested. This American schooling experience is as new for me as it is for Jack!

I have been hesitant about sending Jack to a public school after having such small classes (his last class had nine students) with LOTS of supervision (usually one or two nannies to assist the actual teacher), AND Kindergarten is much shorter here. So, I was hesitant. Did I need to be? Jack certainly wasn't!

He marched right in there, a little girl we knew showed him where to hang his coat and bag, and once he caught sight of all the kids, the book shelf, and that GIGANTIC classroom, he was right at home. He even forgot to kiss me goodbye. I let it slide... just this once.

So, one week down, and now Jack can hardly wait to get to school in the morning. He tells me about the books he's read, his new best friend, a cute little blonde girl, and the cool game he played in gym class. It's much too short of a day as far as he's concerned, but I'm enjoying having him with me in the afternoons, and who knows? Maybe once we get moved in, we can actually do some fun things with our time instead of cleaning our house!

Thank you for good teachers that make transitions easy and school fun! And, I'm especially grateful for a very social five-year-old. How could he have handled all these changes with any other personality? Oh, the blessings!

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BYU Fish said...

Has a lot to do with the parents ya know? You guys set the example to be open and accepting and just living with whatever situation you're in. Good on ya...it shows up in the kids and how they deal with change...and how can theey not adapt with the smiles they show off so often?!