07 January 2009

Guess who's a new Sunbeam?

I can't believe my baby is now a Sunbeam! Watching her herded out of opening exercises (with about 20 other Sunbeams) on Sunday to attend her very own Sunbeam sharing/singing time was about all I could handle! When did she grow up?

She sang this song to me about 30 times today while we drove all over town running errands. I can't get enough of her expressive eyebrows. Enjoy.


Jennifer said...

LOVE IT! Eyebrows and cool rhythm.

Bart said...

She's really good! I taught Sunbeams last year and she would have been he best singer in my class, hands down!

The Lee's said...

That is so cute. I love it. She looks so grown up. She has such big facial expressions. The eyebrows are too cute.

Laneea said...

So fun. Love being a sunbeam

napa-dipu said...

Hellloooo Mindy,
Jane very so cute , Everyday I feeling love her MOREEEEEEEE,
Make my heart Big and Smile all the Time. Thanks for put that Vedio, when I miss he I would like to open all the time, Miss your family too much.

BYU Fish said...

Okay....Mormon Tabernacle Choir wannabe! Bring her when you start showing up for rehearsals! She can sit by me...HONEST!