21 January 2009

Magic Tree House

Jack's recently discovered the Magic Tree House series. I'd heard these were great books, but we didn't bother with them yet because they're a little beyond Jack's reading ability on his own at this point. Since we've been back, our favorite spot has been our local library. We've gone several times and usually spend several hours enjoying their amazing selection and reading all that we can fit in. I thought it would be fun to get some new stories we could listen to in the car, since our current ones we have just about worn out. I found the Magic Tree House series on CD, books 1-8. I didn't know what to expect, since I'd never personally read them. Sunday morning, Jack woke up earlier than Jeff and I wanted to, and poked his head in to ask if it was okay if he started listening to his new CDs without me. What was I going to say? OF COURSE!

After we had slept a little more, gotten out of bed, showered, dressed, and eaten breakfast, we realized we hadn't even seen Jack yet. He was in his room on book #3. We didn't have to leave for church until 10:30, so he kept listening. After church, and a snack, he rushed into his room and closed his door (luckily, allowing Jane inside to play as well), and we didn't see him until he finished book #8. Occasionally, we would go back to check on him and ask him a question, only to see him with glazed eyes, sitting very still as he listened. His attempts at responding to our questions generally tapered before we understood what he was saying!

Our boy has always loved stories, books, and now reading himself, but honestly, we've NEVER seen him this involved in a storyline before! It was comical to watch him go from a complete daze as he finished up a CD, to an enthusiastic boy who can hardly get all the words out to share all the cool details of Jack and Annie's latest adventure.

Have any of your kids fallen in love with this series? Do they continue to be as "amazing" as they start out?

Are there any other series out there that are about this same reading level that would be fun for him?


Bart said...

Your description of Jack with glazed eyes listening cracked me up. I had to share your post on google reader. Great post.

KaraLyn said...

Thomas has the books, and read them a couple years ago, and William now picks one up to read here and there, and although they like them they have never been THAT into them. I have ever heard of a kid with that good of an attention span. Amazing!

Bevany said...

I've never heard of these books. Would a girl like them too? Keigan is very into books too. Unfortuneatly the only series of books I remember would be The Babysitters Club...I don't think Jack would enjoy them.

Nielson Family said...

Hi Mindy, We miss you guys soooo much!! It is so nice to hear that you are doing so well!

Rhees & Ambrian have both loved the Magic Treehouse books. So, yes, to your friend who was wondering if girls would like them too. They are definitely not just for boys.

Some other book collections that my kids have really enjoyed are:

Geronimo Stilton (I've seen them on CD too).

Arthur chapter books

Berenstain Bear Scouts chapter books

Magic School Bus chapter books

These are tried & true collections that our kids (who aren't really reading lovers) have loved!

They have also enjoyed:
Ramona the Pest
Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of Nimh (this is one that you would need to read to them still)
The Boxcar Children (all time fav)

Love & miss you!

Rosalene Pacini said...

I wanted to check on you now that you were home! Yay! So glad you made it back and all is well...after re doing your home;(
Josh LOVED Jack and Annie...wanted to name sibling after them. Wil is not quite there yet. Another one that Josh loves is A-Z mysteries. They are a little older I think..maybe made him a bit more 'nervous', but are a good series and have fun kids to follow each book. Nate the Great? Younger than Magic Tree House, but I think he is awesome;) Probably my favorite.
Take care! I'd love to put you on our Christmas Card list. So glad Southeast Asia brought us together!
Rosalene Pacini

Shawn Stewart said...

Thanks for asking so I could get lots of new ideas from all your commenters! Carson likes "Magic Treehouse" on CD, too. I've heard some poor reviews of the books from parents because the author uses lots of incomplete sentences. But, I still think they are fun!
Right now we're (I'm) reading "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane." (chapter book--not a series, though.) Adri's kids loved it, so she lent it to me. It's great so far. One more to add to your list if you haven't read it.

theflanfam said...

I'm glad I looked at your blog! It is so fun to see how you are doing. My kids love to listen to the magic treehouse too! It is fabulous! They also love to listen to Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, and My Father's dragon. We've read a bunch of others together if you want more ideas. Those are just the books on cd that we have. We LOVE reading! I would love to get ideas from you.
Jena (my email is jenaflanagan@hotmail.com)