01 August 2011

Early Summer Fun

Our summer has been so full, blogging got knocked completely off the priority list! But, I have taken SOME pictures, so for those of you who we don't see or text constantly, this might be news to you!

Our Alice turned Two years old in May. She's turned into our little parrot, repeating everything we say. Then saying it over, and over, and over. TWO definitely has its challenges, but it's also my favorite stage of each of my kids because everything seems new and exciting. I love it.

It's hard to believe our "made in Thailand" baby is already TWO.

Jane had her very first dance recital in June. I had no idea if she would love it or burst into tears and refuse to go on stage. If Jane was a character in the "Little Miss..." series, she would be"Little Miss Unpredictable".

Luckily, she loved it.

Jane also had another first... her first lost tooth. I don't remember losing my first tooth, so I made sure we recorded it in her journal because it was a good story. (She lost her 2nd tooth exactly one week later, almost swallowing it along with a grilled cheese sandwich!)

We went on a short hike with the Hillmans during our reunion, which was made even shorter because there was still SNOW in mid-June. Seriously.

Jack has been loving scouts. This year, his troop did Aeoronopolis. It's basically where you build an "airplane" and race around the gym. He was taking it very seriously, except when it came to the pit-stop where you have to snarf a saltine cracker and water. He doesn't like to eat quickly. Other kids were running off with their mouths stuffed full, and he was standing there chewing each little bite. His book might just be titled "Mr. I'm in no hurry".

We had a fantastic 4th of July this year. A spontaneous getaway, small town festivities, and great friends/neighbors for fireworks and s'mores. Alice even enjoyed the loud fireworks once our neighbor busted out her ear protection. This may just be my favorite 4th of July photo ever.

My girls have done a LOT of chalk art this summer. The usual masterpiece always includes at least one Rapunzel. This one had the genuine hair length.

Alice loved her first golfing experience during our Rich reunion. She was much better at looking cute than actually golfing.

Jeff and I ran on a RAGNAR team sponsored by his company. Except for losing one runner during his first leg, it was a perfect weekend. We ran, we ate, we got a little bit of sleep, and had a great time with a really fun team. One thing we didn't do... take pictures. Pathetically, this was our best photo.

Jack wanted money for scout camp so he could buy things that break. My words, not his. He and Jane sold snow cones for 2 afternoons and he earned as much as he needed. It was one of his first entrepreneurial ventures, and I was amazed at what he learned from day one to day two. They had a great time.

Jane finished up her online preschool last month. We LOVED it and would recommend it to everyone. Although, in some ways, I wish I would just have kept my mouth shut because the waiting list now holds over 400. Darnit. These are the characters, Rusty and Rosy, that took her through her lessons. She was so thrilled to graduate! On to Kindergarten!

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byufish said...

HUGE accomplishments in your family!! Way to go....speaking of "way to go"....it was fun seeing you walk in to Orchestra last week. Are you back?