01 August 2011

Pioneer children

We continued volunteering at This Is The Place this summer.

We rarely get pictures while we are in the village because we try to keep any technology tucked away. It was nice to have family visit and shoot some photos for us.

Grandma and Grandpa Ottley with us at the Charles C. Rich home. Love you, Grandma and Grandpa.

During our Rich reunion, we made the entire family dress up and come with us.

Alice eating snack outside the house.

This day, I took the children to the school house. While the others were practicing the Deseret Alphabet with chalk and tablets, Alice found this doll and played "mommy" for a while.

The amount of pictures of each of my children tells a story. Alice is always in my arms or by my side, so almost all the pictures are of her. Jane wanders around the yard and house helping with chores, watering the plants, and playing with cousins. She keeps busy! Jack is hardly ever around. He is either coming or going, always planning the next adventure to the Indian village, train park, or the General Store. There's been something for everyone this summer, and we've loved our time there once again.

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