27 May 2011

A good day

Jack is now EIGHT. On April 30th, 2011 he was baptized. 23 years to the DAY that I was baptized myself.

(Alice just had to sneak into this one)

It was a good day shared by family and dear friends.

Things Jack does now that he's SO grown up...

Goes to scouts each week. He even rides his bike to his den meetings (with me watching him from the porch!) He could hardly wait for this rite of passage. And he's counting down the days until his day camp in July. What could be more fun?

He used birthday money to buy a pocket knife. He's been waiting for this day since he was five. Scary? Yes.

He has his own scriptures and scripture case that he loves.

He's having "the guys" over for a movie/play/end of school party that will most likely go later than 8pm. Hoping we don't regret that one!

He mowed a big portion of our front lawn this week and only missed a few spots!

And, he helped Jeff move a sprinkler head on Saturday. You wouldn't believe how excited he gets when Jeff asks him to help!

He's a big 8 year old, and we're loving every minute of it!

Here's a peek at his Harry Potter birthday cake, which I'm pretty sure is my favorite cake so far. They were pretending to be scared of The Monster Book of Monsters. Except Jane, nothing phases her (when she's not hot, cold, tired, hungry, or has lost something. Love that girl). How could you be scared of something that tastes so good anyway? Notice the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and the Golden Galleons. I was trying really hard to be creative. Thank you creative moms that post ideas online... it was FUN.

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Nielson Family said...

NO! Jack cannot possibly be old enough to have been baptized that many months ago! This is not fair. Our children are growing up way too fast! And look at your baby...er toddler! It's happening at our house too. Rhees just turned 15 & received his Patriarchal Blessing & Ambrian will be 13 next week. I will have 2 teenagers! Aybrielle just turned 10, Kambren will be baptized this spring, & Kalen starts school in a year. Thankfully I still have a little - but getting so big - baby to still make me pretend I'm not getting old. Ha ha.

Love catching up on your life through your darling posts!