01 June 2010

A few of my favorite things...

Everyone has a few favorite things. If you're like me, they change like the seasons. So here are a few of my current favorites.

1. We spent Monday morning as pioneers at "This is the Place", our first of many days to volunteer this summer. No doubt, this will be a very FUN way to spend summer days. My FAVORITE part of it? The pace. It's slow, simple, and lacking in electronics. Love it.

Didn't take many pictures as we try not to have modern things out while guests are around (hence the lack of electronics!), but honestly, how can you not want to capture cute pioneer children?

2. Can I just sum it up by saying SUMMER? And all that goes with it. Jack home from school (YAY!), longer days, good running weather, working in the yard, swim lessons, morning walks, cousin camp, and less busy-ness.

3. It's no secret that I'm not much of a cook. Luckily, there are other ways to Jeff's heart, because I certainly didn't get there through his stomach! I listen to the Dave Ramsey show (also a favorite) whenever I'm in the car in the evenings and heard his advertisement for e-meals. Finally decided to give it a go. We've LOVED it! I look at the weekly menu, choose which meals my family will like, buy the stuff (shopping list supplied), and stick to the plan. It's inspired me to try meals different than our usual, and we've discovered several we've adopted into our rotation that even Jane eats! I've even selected a healthier menu option, which doesn't seem to sacrifice the taste. It just seems to eliminate the planning and decision making portion of the meal prep, but since that was my least favorite part, it's a great fit. In the words of my mother-in-law when speaking of Scrubbing Bubbles, "I'd do a commercial for them!". Actually, I think I just did.

4. Alice is learning her signs now, thanks to my two wonderful helpers, she's catching on quite well. New this week: cheese, hot, treat. Is anything more fun than watching a baby discover and learn? If I had to choose, I think THIS would be my favorite stage.

5. I know I always brag about my family. Here's just another reason I am in awe that I know such awesome people. My sister, Joanna, got on a crocheting kick. She's always been really good at this stuff, but seriously, I can hardly comprehend all the fun stuff she makes now. She named her elephant doll after my Alice and made her one for her birthday. Such a treasure! Definitely a favorite thing that we'll love forever. She's recently opened up her own etsy shop too. Go Jo!

(this is the best picture I could get of this elephant when Alice wasn't mauling it with kisses!)

6. Netflix. Anyone else in love? If we sit down to watch something, you can bet we're not going to mess with commercials! Just discovered you can watch Brian Regan streaming. How can you not love having him on demand?

7. We've been doing a lot of pass-along stories in the car lately. These generally consist of the "super siblings" on a Spies, Inc. mission with amazing gadgets and creative weapons. Then it's Jane's turn. In come the flying ponies, ballerina powers, and rainbow shooters. Her storyline has very little, if anything, to do with the story that was passed to her, but she doesn't mind. And I don't either. Her contributions are always my favorite... and even though Jack's pretty serious about his stories, he's learning to see the charm as well.

What are YOUR favorite things right now? Discovered anything new that you LOVE?


Bart said...

Gotta' love Brian Reagan. Glad to hear you're having a good time!

Some things I'm loving lately: The weather in Boston, photography, reasonable working hours during "less busy season", our little baby that is coming soon!, pregnant Janssen, and the temple last night.

KaraLyn said...

We just recently discovered Brian Regan on Netflix as well. Funny stuff! :) You have such adorable children. We miss you guys!

bevany said...

Have you guys read the book The Cricket in Times Square? We're reading it right now and I thought of you. I think you guys would like it.

Call me Mimi said...

1. Dewey baby cheeks on my grandkids
2. Warm towels out of the dryer
3. Sound of Doug singing in the shower.
4. Sound of me NOT singing in the shower.
5. Body lotion, and lots of it.
6. Little kids who bear their testimonies.
7. Finding a lost friend.
8. Kids who sing in Primary.
9. Kids who pressure other kids to sing in Primary.
10.The color of spring green when it first buds on the trees.
11.Smell of rain.
12.Cruising in the Caribbean!

Kami said...

Jane is the cutest pioneer I've ever seen! I thought you guys were there on Fridays? I don't want to miss you when I come!

napa-dipu said...

Mindy you know? you also my one favorite woman of me too. I learn manythings from you ...
1. good friend
2. be good Mom ( Please pray for my baby too we want so much but I dont' know why they not coming )
3. active woman
4. lovely lady
5......many many things
love you,
from Napa & Dypu Sharma

Laneea said...

One of these times you need to have a recorder in the car so you can document these stories. Sound like life is treating you nice.