20 May 2010

Birthday girl

My little Alice is ONE today! Could she be any more edible?

If you like THIS photo, check out our photographer's website. We're big fans!


Joanna said...

Wow! She is incredible! And you all look SO amazingly beautiful! Happy birthday to Alice, this time on the actual day! Love you all!

byufish said...

What the....wasn't she JUST BORN?! Gosh Mindy...time flies. And...are you playing the recording session? I'm one of the alto supporters. Maybe I'll see you on Thursday?

Jennifer said...

Could she look any more like she belonged? She is adorable.

Love all the pics - congrats on your graduations too. How special to share it with your children.

Marilyn said...

Oh, she is so so sweet. What a darling baby girl.