28 June 2010

Summer in one word...


Before last year, we didn't know what we were missing not having cousins so close by. NOW we get it. What would we do without them?

Cousin camps have been great this summer so far. We toured the Sweet's Candy Factory (highly recommended, and totally free, unless you can't leave without lbs of candy afterward like we did),

had a sports/work day in Provo,

and watched a children's dance theater perform at the Sandy amphitheater. This one was with OUR cousins and their kids, which was a special treat! These girl cousins sure loved playing together at the park afterward.

We're looking forward to a tour of the Bean museum this week, and a reptile show (my kids' favorite).

One of my goals this summer is to eat lunch outside as much as possible. We get our work done and out of the house doing something fun before lunch, and we've loved it. We've had a picnic of some sort almost every day, even if it's just in our backyard. But, I've noticed that the part of lunch that normally would end up on my floors, now ends up on my pants. Do mashed raspberries, granola bars, and peanut butter sandwiches wash out okay?

We got some family pictures taken, most of which I have yet to see, but I got a few with my camera. Oh, how I love my sisters and mom! (P.S. Somehow I missed the memo on the white shirt.)

Alice sure loves her dad.

Jack and Jane finished soccer. They both loved it, but it is SO time consuming, we're not sure if we'll do a repeat. We'll see.

Did I mention we've been to a lot of parks?

We've loved the Wild West Jordan park behind City Hall. SO big, and lots to do!

A cousin sleepover with a visit to the park, of course. Christian had them laughing about something. Who knows? That kid's a nut, and we LOVED having him!

Fun time with Grandma and Grandpa Hillman.

Here's a typical visit lately:

US: Hey guys, mind if we drop in?
G&G: Sure, we're just sitting down to eat, hungry?
US: Um, sure! While we're eating your food, can we ask you questions about fixing ________ on our car? How about you watch the kids for us next week while we ______? Mom, could you help me mend this? I'm thinking about making this, but have no idea, can I come over and you can show me how? Dad, ever fixed a water softener? Oh, and our garage door is doing something funny. Any ideas?

And so on, and so on.

Our requests seem to be endless these days, and they still love us. Thank goodness for family!

Speaking of family, we celebrated Grandma Munk's 80th birthday last week. We snatched her away from the endless flow of friends and well-wishers for a shot. It was a fun day, and we were so happy we could celebrate it with her. Love you, Grandma!

The birthday celebration was in the one-room school house my mother-in-law attended as a girl. The best part? The girls room. Jeff and Jack thought it was hilarious!

And every Friday morning, we're still pioneering, and loving it more each time. I did sneak a couple of pictures a few weeks ago. Here are the pioneer babies in the Rich home, enjoying the shade.

This day was a special day where everyone got free ice cream cones. The kids were in heaven! And a little silly, but what's new?

Each day we volunteer, the kids get to fill out a worksheet teaching them something about life as a pioneer. They then turn it into the bank to get a Deseret Dollar they can spend in the ZCMI General Store. Most of them buy rock candy, unless it's Jack and he buys a gumball as big as his fist. Sigh. As we left the store this day, we had this conversation.

Me: Okay guys, now we need to head back home.
Jack: Home to the Rich house, or home-home?
Me: No, back to our home in West Jordan.
Jack: You mean back to 2010? Ugh.

Jack wishes we could go to the village every day, not just once a week. In a way, I feel the same way. It's nice to get away from reality for a while and enjoy the simple life. The kids play with sticks, hoops, and rocks. They visit their friend at the tithing office who tells them stories. They make necklaces in the Indian village, and pound leather at the tannery. They help at the farm house on the corner. We eat under the shade of a cherry tree. We talk about our ancestors. And we meet fascinating people who come through our house. It really has been an amazing experience so far.

Hope your summer is full of whatever you love most.


Joanna said...

LOVE IT! And I can only imagine what Christian said to have them in stitches for the picture! He loved being there with you and was glad he could be Alice's best buddy for a day!

The Hillmans said...

What a fun summer! Looks like you're having a blast! We're looking forward to some cousin time when we get home!

Emily said...

Love the updates.

Hailey looking at the picture of you, your sisters and mom "Which one is Mindy in this picture???" Very cute :)

Jefferson said...

How fun! We did the Sweet's Candy Factory, too. and loved it. (We also left with too much candy.) And wasn't soccer season horribly long this year? I was so excited for it to end so we could have our Saturdays back again. I'm surprised we didn't run into you sometime there, we had two kids playing as well. We'll have to get together again this Fall, maybe after Heidi and Jason get back. (Yep, had no idea they were gone. We usually hear one or two things about you guys from the Searles, but not that.) How exciting for them. Anywho..... have the rest of a fun summer.

Jeff and janell

BYU Fish said...

Wow...you really do know how to have a good time!! Can I come and be a kid with you guys sometime? Love the pictures and really, it doesn't matter where you live Mindy...you are ALWAYS finding fun things to do with your kids. If I had any, I'd send them your way!!

Jena said...

Oh...I am "home" sick. I can't wait to be by family again! I love that you do cousin camp. Your family is too fabulous!