12 September 2009

What we're keeping busy with...

Jack... LOVING his new school! He's got a fantastic teacher, fun friends, and we are getting the carpool situation worked out so we're ALL happy with less drive time! (for those who have asked, yes, this is his FOURTH school he's attended, and he's in FIRST grade! We're trying out a new Charter school, and so far, we're sold!)

Jane... a lot of this...

She's such a fantastic sister. She fills her time with lots of books, helping mommy (honestly, she made me teach her how to change Alice the other day), playing outside, and learning to write her letters! Oh yes, and one princess party.

Alice... being happy and cute as always...

and getting acquainted with her new cousins. (6 1/2, 3 1/2, and 3 weeks)

Me... lots of fun, kids, and in the last two days, lots of THIS:

8 hours, 2 moms, 5 kids, and 4 boxes of peaches. Crazy, but a good day. I'm still working on de-stickifying my kitchen! Thanks for all the help, Heidi!

Jeff... he's been working harder than anyone. He's recently completed ALL the drywall in the basement. I married an amazing man, I tell you.

We decided to hire something out (mudding and taping), and it's been awesome to have it progressing during the DAY for once! Jeff gets a little break from evenings in the basement, while he does this...

... or at least is on his way to play a 9/11 memorial concert of Mozart's Requiem.

And his bass he's been saving for FOREVER comes in two weeks! YAY!

The kids have been working on our "service jar" lately.

Simple, but effective.


The Lee's said...

I'm glad Jack is enjoying his new school. The picture of Jane and Alice is so adorable. What is your service jar?

Tara Fears said...

Hi Mindy...every time I read your blog I just can't stop thinking about how darn cute your kids are! I love it! Hey, can you email me your mailing address pretty please? Email is tarafears(at)gmail(dot)com. Gracias!