14 September 2009

I love Idaho.

I always forget how much I love Idaho, until I get there. THEN, I remember.

Jeff and I fell in love in Idaho. Shouldn't that be enough?

But, that's not all. We also have family in Idaho that we adore. All the small towns, open land, fresh air, and the stars. Oh, the stars.

We just returned from a quick trip to visit that family we love, and on top of that had a two day trip down memory lane. We reminisced about our first meeting, our first walk, our favorite places to escape my 16 roommates (during engagement), and our first apartment. Gotta love that pink front door.

This was our first roadtrip in our van, and it was a success! The girls slept, and Jack read TWO chapter books on the way up!

This is Jack at the rest stop, ropin' the garbage can.

We spent the afternoon with Grandma Hillman, who hadn't seen us since Jane was about Alice's age! WAY too long. Alice took to her right away. I love how she's looking at her.

We went back for pictures on Sunday, since we were a little distracted with all that visiting on Saturday. Grandma was an excellent host, chef, and also very patient with our curious little ones.

We spent the evening at Uncle Rand and Aunt Jana's home, where they somehow always know how to make us feel right at home. Every time we visit, I think of how much I would love to live there. I wish I could give my kids that kind of land to play on, and trees to climb. Even their dirt seems more fun.

The kids loved Rand and Jana and wasted no play time at all. Rand was helping Jane find all her favorite rocks and washing them with soap for her to take home, and Jack was dragging Jana around outside asking all kinds of questions, I'm sure.

They took the kids out to see their horses, and went for a little ride. They were in heaven.

Jeff said Jane was nervous at first, but by the looks of this picture, she warmed up pretty fast to the idea.

When we first walked into Grandma's place, Rand was sitting on the couch. She ran right into his arms, and hardly left his side the rest of the night. She must have been going on instincts, because she hasn't seen him since she was six months old! (They were also both calling him Grandpa by the end of the night. He does look a little like Jeff's dad, but honestly, I think he just took on the role so well they couldn't resist!) I loved this picture of Rand trying to get a good shot of Jane.

Once upon a time, I played in a band in Island Park, ID. Rand, Mark, a fun bass player named Dave, and I performed every weekend throughout the summer. I fell in love with these guys, and I'll admit, it's still there. They are fabulous.

They forgave me for not bringing my fiddle (but, only this once), and still played and sang for us. Jack, however, DID have his fiddle, so he played his one fiddle song, and was feeling pretty special playing with "the guys". They proceeded to play and sing all my favorites, even "Kansas City" which I think Rand only plays when I make him. I love that one.

Jack's been singing their songs ever since. He was thrilled to finally make it home and be able to get out the recording we made during a gig in Jackson Hole years ago. I love the memories I have with these guys and their wives (notice Mark's wife, Becky, in the background). I could visit with them forever, and always leave looking forward to the next time we get to visit.

We had one brief stop on our way out of town. The Rexburg, ID temple. It's about three blocks from our first apartment, but wasn't built until several years after we left. It sure is beautiful, and I feel a special attachment to it, even though we've never been inside. We're hoping we can change that next summer when we go back.

Love the town, love the state, love the air, love the space, and love the people. Just wish we would have had more time to see more of them. I really do love Idaho.


KaraLyn said...

OH! You were SOOOO close to us! I wish we could have seen you all! Maybe next time.... Glad you had fun. :)

Joanna said...

We feel the same way about Idaho. I think that's why Laren wants to eventually move there. So glad you had a good time!

napa-dipu said...

I would like to go in Idaho to and your kids growing up ! Miss your family ,Im so happy to read your blogs thaks for sharing
Napa & Dipu