01 September 2009


I'm a change lover. No, I don't mean the kind of change that makes your pockets heavy. Although I will admit, the idea of swimming in a pool of gold coins looked mighty enticing to me as a child watching DuckTales. But, that's not what I'm talking about. I mean change. Like the only thing in life that's constant. Change.

Like anyone, I like to have some things stay the same. I like to be on a consistent sleep schedule so I can get up on time and go to the gym (which, by the way hasn't been happening lately). I like to do my laundry on the same days of the week. And, I like to know when to plan on Jeff arriving each day. But, overall, it's kind of nice to mix things up once in a while.

One thing I love about Utah is the change of seasons. It's such a natural way to "recycle" things that have lost their luster. Like having a routine. I was SO happy to hit summer and have a free-for-all each day. That was fun. But honestly, how fun would it be to have that forever? It's nice to get back to a routine.

Or how about clothes? Coats will soon be as fun to get out as those sundresses and shorts were just four months ago.

Food? I've spent the summer eating sandwiches and fruit. Yum. But as it gets colder, I look forward to staying home and making yummy soups and breads that haven't sounded good to me since tulips made their appearance.

I look forward to watching the leaves change color and the scenery on a mountain drive looking like a bowl of Trix (how I thought of it as a child) once again.

Activity choices change with each season. Swimming isn't quite as enticing, but bundling up and going sledding... oh, that will be fun.

This time of year, there are a lot of changes. As I sent my boy off for his first day as a first-grader, I had a quick moment of panic. "What am I doing sending him ALL DAY? Can't we just go back HOME?" Then, I realized... it's time. He's ready. Why shouldn't I be?

He was so excited about his new school. New clothes. New backpack. And especially a lunchbox. SO excited, in fact, he almost forgot to say goodbye. I was so happy he still wanted to give me a kiss. I'll take it as long as I can.

Now that I'm past the initial "goodbye", I'm realizing good things. Like spending more time with my girls. Alice and I laid on the bed together today, smiling, cooing, and taking pictures before her nap. Who wouldn't love to spend time with this smile?

Jane and I colored, traced letters, read books (that only she picked!), and had more conversation in one afternoon than we've had in a LONG time. Jack's always exciting to have around, but he tends to dominate the conversation a bit. Especially over his sister, who just now is starting to have more to say. I learned a lot about my little Jane today. I miss my Jack, but I think I'm going to like this arrangement.

I'm pretty sure this will be another good change for us.

And maybe now my kids will stop singing, "What time is it? Summer time!". Come on, you closet High School Musical fans. You know you love it.

Super hero/fighting pose. Their favorite.

This is how excited Jack was.


Jade said...

Hey! You guys are in Utah? And you have another little girl? How fun! We just moved down here because David is getting his MPA at BYU. I found your blog through Rikker and Gaw's. We miss Thailand!

Joanna said...


Marilyn said...

I sent off my first-grader yesterday too! It is sad, but you're right, it's time, and it's good. Is Jack going to the charter school? (He looked like he might be wearing the same uniform my Abe was wearing . . . )

KaraLyn said...

My thoughts exactly - thanks for putting them into words. Beautifully done! BTW, we have stopped updating our family web site, and I have now started a blog - much more simple. :) Here is the address in case you are interested:

BYU Fish said...

You're a wonderful Mom...balanced, know when to ease up on the apron strings, and LOVE just hanging out with the kids. Have fun with the fall weather...I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures myself!

Tara said...

Cutest Kids award!! Seriously, all three of them are just adorable Mindy! I love reading your blog!