11 May 2009

Last minute fun

A lot changes when a new baby enters a family. Don't get me wrong, we can hardly WAIT! But, the same thing that happened just before Jane arrived, happened to me recently. I started to feel a little guilty about how my time will be divided when this little one arrives, and how it will affect my other children. A big part of me has been wishing I could make time stand still, while the other part is wanting to get on with this birth thing so I can hold my baby girl outside my body and introduce her to her big brother and sister. It's been a great time for Jack to be off track, as we've enjoyed an entire week of playing outside (can I officially thank the man upstairs for this beautiful weather?), enjoying no-schedule days, and just doing whatever we want on a whim. My kids are so fun.

Among many, one highlight was going to our first, real soccer game. Jack gets tickets for playing in the city league, and although Jeff had a rehearsal that night (he has started playing with a community orchestra and is really enjoying it), the kids and I had a great time together. I don't know anything about soccer, so me trying to explain what's happening on the field to Jack was comedic. Anyone that has any experience with the game would have had watery eyes (at least that is what happens to me when I'm extremely embarrassed for someone else) as they listened to me try and answer Jack's question about what was happening. But, there really is something exciting about live sports (even if you don't know what's going on), and I was happy to see that Jack was soaking it all in.

I also had a fantastic Friday-Saturday getaway downtown with the girls in my family. If I was on top of it, I would have gotten all kinds of pictures. I wasn't. Thank goodness I know Joanna was, so I'll link to her blog once she gets all the fun pictures up (hint, hint). It was nice to visit uninterrupted, eat at a quiet restaurant, and shop until we were ALL done. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing women, particularly as we celebrate motherhood today.

I think this was my first night ever sleeping away from Jane, but luckily, I knew she was in good hands. Jeff filled them up with donuts, soda, a movie and a whole day of fun. How could they possibly complain about all that? Plus, it will be good practice for when I'm at the hospital (minus the junk food, I hope).

I thought about not posting tonight because honestly, our next big thing will be when our baby arrives. Plus, there's something about being nine months pregnant that makes a girl tired. I've been waiting and waiting for the "nesting" stage, but it just hasn't come. I haven't even painted ONE thing (unless having my mom do it counts). For now, I'm just trying to enjoy my family of four, because we've been four for a while. We've experienced a lot together in the last three and a half years. We're pretty comfortable as four. This will be our biggest adventure yet, no doubt. But as we all know, with change comes growth, so we say, let's get this show on the road. We're ready for her.

We'll keep you posted.


Marilyn said...

Good luck with everything! I think it is always a little scary right before a new baby. I usually reach a point where I suddenly get VERY nervous about how I will handle everything, what our new schedules will be like, how the other kids will respond, etc. But . . . it always seems to work out okay. :) You are such a great mom, I bet your little girl can hardly wait to get here! I hope everything goes well.

Adri said...

Oh, Mindy! I can totally relate! We were a 'family of four' for so long, too. I'm not going to lie...it is a bit of an adjustment to return to the world of nursing, diapers, nap time. But, I hope you'll find, as we have, how much fun it is to have a new baby with 'big kids' around. We've enjoyed Davis in a completely new way than the other two. It will be great! We can't wait for little baby girl to come!

P.S. Can I tell you how jealous I am of all your time with your sisters! I'm a little homesick...only 6 weeks til Utah!

Kami said...

Mindy, I hope things are going well as a family of FIVE now! Maryn saw this picture of Jane and Jack and said, "Can we see them again so we know 'em?" We need to get together this summer to play!

Quan Family said...

Dear Mindy, Jeff, Jack, Jane, and Alice, Oh! how wonderful it was to see your newest model! She is adorable and perfect--just like a Hillman. Congratulations to all of you. Everyone here in Bangkok has been thrilled, excited, and just so happy about little Alice. People have been calling us, from the Alaguretnams to Catherine to everyone in between, to say, "Have you seen the new Hillman baby? And can you believe they named her Alice?" Sooooo fun. We love you tons and wish you all of the best.
Steven, Big Alice, Sarah and Emily