14 May 2009

It had to happen sometime...

We initially started this blog simply to keep in touch with family as we ventured to Thailand for two years. We've been home for almost five months now, and although we miss and think about our priceless experiences in Thailand daily, we also realize it's time to move on.

We know that Thailand will always be a part of us now. We will never forget the kindred spirits we met, or the way our lives have changed because of them. We came home a different family than when we left, and not just because we were two years older. Our focus on each other has intensified, our view on life has become broader, and our priorities are clearer than ever. Our experiences gave us a fantastic boost in the right direction, and we hope to continue that way as we learn together and grow with each new challenge that comes our way.

So, although it's hard to leave anything Thai behind (seriously, we still have chopsticks the noodle guy on our soi gave Jeff one night), such as the origin of this blog, we realize that life goes on. I thought this was probably a good time to officially start our blog makeover, well, at least it's title (so I can actually read it), as we start an entirely new chapter in our lives. One that we know will also motivate us to become a stronger and more balanced family. Life goes on... and what better to do than simply enjoy it?


Emily said...

It sounds like you had AWESOME experiences in Thailand. That's great that you were able to center yourselves like that. We are so glad that you are back, though!

My blog is thericescoop.blogspot.com and is usually fun and cheery, but the last 6 or 7 posts are much more serious. Don't worry, I think everything will be more back to normal now!

So glad your baby girl is here safely. Get some rest when you can. It's so wonderful to have the time to cherish her!

Jennifer said...

Did you print a blog book of your Thailand experience?