11 December 2008

Moving day...

Today we are moving. Since 9:15am I've had five guys at my house. They walked in, the boss walked around with me, I told him what goes and what stays. He marked the "stays" with a "no" sticker. Then, they all got to work. Besides making sure everything is clean (clothes, dishes, etc.) so they're not packing dirty stuff, I've felt completely unneeded. It's weird to have been stressing and preparing for this move for so long, then when it finally comes, I have so little to do with it. If it was ME moving us, I'd have been packing for a month. We would have gradually watched our lives turn from comfortable apartment living to four of us living out of three suitcases. I would have had a little more time to watch the change taking place.

Today, as these guys came in, although all very polite and professional, I've felt like they were rushing things a bit. Why didn't they want to linger on each book and picture, and think about where it came from and why it's so great? Why wouldn't they purge Jack's latest collection of random maps he's found along the public transportation routes? Or stop to admire each piece of artwork on Jack's bedroom wall? Why didn't they take the time to let Jane model all her "pretty dresses" before packing them away for six weeks? Can't they see how much our lives have changed in just two short years? Don't they want to relish all the memories?

It might sound like I'm complaining about having professional movers. At least that's what it sounds like to me. I actually feel quite spoiled to have all this help, and who wouldn't? Honestly, I've known about this move for how long? Oh yes, since we got here. Today I've felt completely thrown into it. We've gone from our toothbrushes on the counter, to not having one blasted thing in my stuffed-full closet. I am thinking I might be a little too sentimental. I just can't seem to get over that we're leaving this place. I even started to miss the actual apartment this week, not just the amazing people, food, or awesome things here. My apartment. It's been so perfect for us. The size was just right, the location was perfect, and the view? FANTASTIC! Who wouldn't love waking up and opening their huge blackout curtains to a wall full of windows with a city view like ours? I have very little hope that we'll ever live in a real city again. And, in a way, I'm completely fine with that. Can't you tell? But, I sure have enjoyed it while we've been here. This whole adventure has been an amazing bonus we could never have predicted would come our way. What was I saying earlier? I'm sad I have five men packing boxes for me today? No. I think I'm just fine.

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Andrew & Vanessa and kids said...

You can even make "Moving Day" sentimental. I am crying just reading this - because we're going through the same thing.
The comforting part is that we are both leaving lives that we have LOVED so much, for lives that we will LOVE too!