07 December 2008

From the past...

Here are some pictures from a while back that I wanted record of.

Remember our Sri Lankan brothers who left for Canada in September? Ashly emailed us and sent some pictures from the airport. This is the whole gang at about 5am.

This includes the African couple on the left who they became friends with in the Immigration Detention Center (they spent a week there before they could leave), Brother Benjamin Constantine, and several of their friends who came to see them off. Jane took to one of their friends in particular, which we considered a blessing, as she was losing her Ashly that morning.

We were all so tired, but wouldn't have missed it for the world. Ashly and Vibushen were SO excited, and rightly so. Their new life was beginning, and as sad as goodbyes are, this was a happy one.

Here are our boys settling into their home in Medicine Hat, Canada. It's still weird for me to see them in sweatshirts and hats!

We had to say goodbye to Ming Wei a few weeks ago, as he works out of the city for weeks at a time. He became a very good friend to us, and we always enjoyed our visits. Jane loved when he was at church, and he always took great care of her. He's got a few people he knows in Utah, and we hope someday he'll make the trek to the States for a visit!

Dipu is the one I worry most about Jane saying goodbye to. Dipu and Napa have taken our little Jane on like their own. It's so wonderful to watch people love your children like that. Jane loves them both so much, but Dipu is definitely hers. She and I went to Dipu's shop this week, and she ran into his arms and didn't want to let him go. He's put pictures of her all over his desk area, which she loves to look at. When we left the shop, she kept saying things like, "My Dipu is so smart! I just love my Dipu!" and so on and so on. Napa and Dipu came over to watch the kids for us Saturday morning while Jeff and I got some last minute shopping done at the weekend market. Jane and Jack were both so excited for them to come, and this is one of the FIRST times we've left Jane with someone here while she wasn't asleep for the night. She told Jeff (I had left earlier for a doctor's appointment), "YOU go, Napa and Dipu will stay here with me!". She loves these two, and I think if she asks for anyone after we move, it will be them.

So, our journey continues as we wrap up loose ends here. How can it be so wonderful, exciting, and absolutely heartbreaking all at the same time? I feel too blessed to complain about having to leave, so I'll just say it's been amazing to be here. We hate to leave, but know it's time, and honestly, we can't WAIT to get our arms around our family!

Keep reading, if you aren't sick of us yet! We had quite the week!

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