16 December 2008

Final day...

We spent our final day in Bangkok wrapping up loose ends. We officially checked out of our apartment... so empty. I love that apartment.

We said our goodbyes to all the apartment staff who we've absolutely loved the entire time we've been here. They have been fantastic!

The guard at the door EVERY morning. I don't know if he ever gets a day off. He's always got a huge smile for us.

We met up with Preeya for one last goodbye. We'll miss her! She took good care of us for 2 years!

Stopped by for a quick (which didn't end up being too quick!) visit to the Preens. How could Jack leave without saying goodbye to Scarlett? And me to Heather. She's been such a great friend for this whole time, and I'll miss her fun sense of humour, and the way being around her makes me extremely optimistic! (I also get in this mode of speaking in my head with a British accent after a long visit. Lucky for everyone else, it never actually comes out!) We will miss this fantastic family.

Aren't these two so cute? They were the 2 new kids in school that first day and have been dear friends ever since!

Our last night, we all slept terribly, probably in anticipation of the adventure ahead of us today. Jane was awake at 2am! She was SO excited at 3am when I told her it was finally time to get ready to go to the airport. We had a fun visit with Napa, Dipu, Anutra, and Bird before we when through security. What great friends, and what fun memories we have with each one of them!

I think THIS was the best photo of the day. Jane sure loves Khun Bird! So many people to love!

So our five hour flight to Japan went really well. It felt like the easiest flight of our life. ONE airplane? Piece of cake! We were thrilled to actually get to spend some time in Tokyo this time. So far, after arriving, taking a bus to our hotel, and exploring our area, we are in love. Tokyo is awesome. Check out these crowds walking across the street. It's like New York City, and I love that city!

Remember how I talked about how tiny our room was in Singapore? That was a suite compared to this one! It's SO small, as is everything else here. It's hilarious! I was warned by my Japanese friends, but honestly, you just don't get it until you've seen it (I'll try to get a decent picture later). I can't help but laugh as we try to find a place just to PUT our luggage, let alone find a surface for us all to sleep on. It's awesome, and we're loving it so far! We'll keep you updated. Lots of love from Tokyo.


The Hillmans said...

I'm so excited that you're on your way home for GOOD! At the same time, it's sad for me to say goodbye to your friends in Thailand. I can't imagine what it must be like for you (since you actually knew them!). We love you guys!

Bevany said...

Good luck moving!!! I know it's so sad to say goodbye, but I'm glad you are moving to Utah. Jack is so cute playing the violin, I want Keigan to learn to play, too. Can't wait til you post that you are here and settled!

Bettie said...

How does the time fly by? I really can't believe that it has been 2 years. Matter of fact, I can't believe Isobel is 6 1/2 and Eva is 4 1/2 - and I'm 28! Where did all those years go? It is great that you have so much of them documented here - it will help to remind you and you kids of those two short years. I'll be in Utah for a week in January - I hope you have time to see us ;)

Thunrada said...

Honestly when I saw the first picture, I was very sad to accept that you guys were really leaving. Oh well, hope we can catch up again before too long. Merry Christmas! We love you!

Jade said...

Mindy, I just happened upon your blog after visiting Rikker's and saw that picture of your EMPTY apartment. I can't believe you guys have left. I'm glad we got to meet your family and that you were able to experience Thailand for so long. I hope we meet again sometime!