29 November 2008

What a week!

After Jack having a weekend fever...

Monday - Jack's fever is gone! I kept him home from school just to make sure. I got sicker as the day progressed. Lucky for me, Preeya comes on Mondays and catches me up on my housework. (Really, everyone should have a chance to know what it's like to be sick in bed and have your laundry still being done. I felt SO spoiled.) Jane started with a fever at bedtime. Yay.

In addition to Preeya, I was thankful for having TWO kids who could happily play together and run circles around their mom who could hardly keep her eyes open.

Tuesday - I was worse, Jane's fever was bad, but Jack was off to school, thanks to Jeff who was able to take him and pick him up. Jack coughed all day and keeps getting nose bleeds. Poor kid! I canceled my violin lessons for the day.

I was thankful for... Jeff willingly staying home to keep the household running.

Wednesday - Jane was doing better, I was starting to recover, but Jack started with another fever. (I've never heard of this happening before!) No school for him. We read books, built forts, did school work, and read books even more. Before drifting off to sleep, Jeff and I had the following conversation:

Mindy: Hey, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
Jeff: Yep.
Mindy: Our leftovers are already gone. I'm half tempted to go buy another turkey, just for us.
Jeff: OK.
Mindy: (shocked) You'd feel okay about spending that much money AGAIN, just for turkey leftovers?
Jeff: You've saved at least that much by not leaving the house this week. Go ahead!
Mindy: Awesome.

I was thankful for... kids who can read books by the hour, and a husband who enjoys a good holiday meal. Twice.

Thursday - Jack's fever was better. Jane was better, and was anxious to leave the house for her first time this week. I took the kids to the market for a turkey for about 30 minutes, and then we were pooped. Jeff came home from work early exhausted from a sleepless week, and was not feeling well. We spent the day resting. Jeff decided we can't have turkey without pies (and he even cleaned up all his pie-making mess!), and our turkey finished roasting at 9pm. SO good.

I was thankful for... a husband who will carve that beautiful bird, and for Jack's long nap and a 6pm bedtime.

Friday - Jack woke up feverless. Jane was good. I had almost recovered. We decided to not cancel our plans to meet our friends. We got out, rode bikes around a gorgeous park, ate chicken on a stick, and had a great visit. We came home exhausted, but happy.

I was thankful for... kissing two "not hot" foreheads goodnight for the first time in a week.

After this week... I can officially say I'm thankful for our health. I certainly didn't fully appreciate it until I didn't have it for a while.

Another thing on my mind (of course, completely unrelated)... the U.S. Government. Say what you will, but when it comes down to it, it works. Our constitution makes it work. After watching what's happening here in Bangkok, I have never been so grateful for the organization of our government and how inspired it truly is. So, thank you to our American leaders for keeping things running. Even amidst all the problems (and there are plenty), there is still order, and that is something to be grateful for.

I've also been so grateful for everyone who's been so supportive of our time over here in Thailand. That would be YOU. So many people thought we were NUTS for moving here. It's been nice to have the support of our amazing family members from the start, and so many others along the way. It's been fun to get emails (or comments) from people I've been out of touch with for years! I've loved hearing from you, checking your blogs (unfortunately, my connection won't let me comment very often, but know that I've been checking in!), and hearing all about what you are up to in your lives! I've loved reading about careers, homes, new babies, holidays, birthdays, personal trials, and most of all, the everyday things you fill your lives up with, that we don't experience here. Thank you to modern technology that makes the western world seem much closer than it actually is. It's inspiring to be associated with such exceptional people!

We've loved every minute here in Thailand, but it wouldn't be the same if we hadn't had the chance to share it with people we love. So, please pardon us as we continue to reminisce on our time here for years to come. At least now you might even know what we're talking about! Thank you for your encouragement, excitement, and support. We are grateful for you, most of all.


Marilyn said...

I love reading about your cute family, Mindy. I'm glad you are feeling better and that you managed to have a good Thanksgiving in spite of everything. I hope all goes well with your move back to the states!

Bevany said...

I hope you'll still blog once you move to Utah. It's been fun re-connecting with you guys and seeing your cute family. I'm glad you are all feeling better. Being sick is no fun!

Adri said...

Dear Mindy,

Thank you so much for the cute princess stickers for Kate's birthday. She has had such a good time using them for the 'thank you' cards and at home. The Tea Party was VERY fun...highly recommended for the 4-year-old crowd. They were all just as cute and proper as could be! Hopefully next time we have a big party, Miss Jane can join us, too!

love you,