18 November 2008

The big one is a... what?

Jack and I spent yesterday afternoon learning about American money. I had anticipated that this would be something totally new to him as we change currencies, but it still was a little shocking to be teaching my 5 year old what a quarter was. "Dollars" is not an uncommon word for him because we still do most of our dealings in U.S. dollars, not to mention traveling to Singapore and Hong Kong where they also have their own dollars, but the whole coin concept and how they each had a different name (not just an amount) was a new concept. It made Jeff and I wonder about what else we are going to need to catch our kids up on.

We've definitely got to work on his pronunciation of "mirror". Saying it the British way just doesn't cut it when everything else is American. The first kid that hears him prounounce it "mirrah", and actually knows what he's talking about, will think there is something seriously wrong. Not a great way to start out his American schooling experience!

He thinks he doesn't like milk (because admittedly it's not great here), cheese, or pizza. He asked me today if there was guava in Utah. Is there? I don't even know! And today he called me "Mum". Hmmm.... we'll definitely have some adjustments, and not just for Jack.

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jaci said...

I love it, though! Keep those little 'quirks' - no need to conform to utah's horrible accent. Unfortunately, though...no guava. Well, if I am thinking of the same fruit as in Ecuador.