07 October 2007

This week's top ten

Top TEN of our week, in no particular order:

10. Did I ever tell you Janie LOVES spaghetti? This was her 3rd bowl, and I think 4th piece of garlic toast. She gets it all over, and just can't seem to get enough. Anutra was eating with us this night, and grabbed the camera. She gets such a kick out of the kids. Why I gave Jane her bath before dinner, I don't know.

9. Saturday morning, we had NO food in the house, so I ran downstairs to get some things from 7-11. Power was out. Very nice. I ended up taking a motorbike to the store and got back in record time with a weeks worth of groceries. It's amazing how fast things go when you don't have kids in tow! Later in the day, with the power still out on that side of the street, we wondered if wiring like THIS could perhaps be the reason for power outages here. This is not an unusual sight. Actually, we've seen much worse.

8. We pulled out some costume stuff to evaluate our Halloween situation. Jane found this little bonnet that I'm pretty sure my mom made for me when I was little. She loved it! Also note her cute little "Tinkerbell" nightgown. I have to admit, I'm a good shopper. This was about $1.50! She snuggled with it the entire way home. She has taken to kissing anything soft, lacy, or pretty. One taxi ride, she was entertained by kissing my earrings over and over (still in my ears!). Whatever keeps her happy!

7. Jack started swim lessons this week. He was SO apprehensive about it because he knew he couldn't use his water wings, but he LOVED it! There were two other boys in his class, Paul and Paul. Neither of them said a word the whole time, and Jack didn't stop talking the whole time! "What's this? Can we play with that? I want to try this! When are we going to do that? Are you going to do that too? Can we go over there?" This was all asked in about the first 5 minutes. His teacher was darling and distracted him with all sorts of fantasy and imagination scenarios to the point where he was actually jumping in and going under and loving it! As a mother, it was hilarious to watch Jack in this setting and seeing how a teacher focuses his energy. I sat on the side and giggled to myself the whole time. Both of us can hardly wait for next week!

6. Yay for playdates! We met Mary Jane at Jeanette's home this week and let the kids play! It was fun to visit, and the kids really got along well. It's fun to have a good age range of kids there, because Jeanette homeschools her children, so the older kids were so helpful and fun to chat with. Starting on the left: Narissa, Kambren, Abriel (one of Jack's favorite friends from church), Reese, Jane, and Ambrien. This picture was missing Alina, Narissa's sister, and Jack, who was at school. Thanks, Jeanette, for a fun morning!

5. So, Jane is almost potty trained. But, not quite. Our week has been filled with lots of stink. She can't quite get #2 down, which is often a challenge, as I'm sure other parents can understand. She's a champ with everything else, so we are staying positive, and know it is just a matter of time. In the meantime, she's had an upset stomach, so really, the reason I'm mentioning this is because it's been a BIG part of our week. We currently have 2 sets of sheets bleaching in the wash. I'm hoping by admitting we have a problem, I will be granted some mercy in this department. I'm sure every parent can relate to this, and if you are not a parent, you have probably stopped reading by now. I know, I lead an interesting life. I know.

4. We met some of Jeff's coworkers at a Japanese restaurant for dinner on Wednesday. It was fun to visit, and to finally meet Tony who I've heard about, but never met because he's based in Australia. It was a fun night, except I made the mistake of letting Jack watch Ninja Turtles right before we left to meet everyone, which bumped his adrenaline to full throttle until about an hour after dinner. We were just a bit short of starting a pillow on fire and dumping boiling hot broth into Jeff's lap. We got out unscathed, but I wanted to throw that movie out the window when we got home.

3. Friday night, it rained. I love the rain, but it makes things a bit complicated as far as getting from one place to another. The plan was for Khun Luck to come over and watch the kids, while Jeff and I met at 8:30pm to watch our friend, Jim, play with his band. Jeff called me at about 8:20 to say that he had just gotten to the restaurant with everyone, and it was clear across town. So here we were, both out and about with no kids, and we weren't even together. On the up side, we both had a great evening, just not together. I got to meet Heather at a little place to watch Jim play... way fun (he's on the left). And, Jeff had fun with his coworkers.

I know I've talked about Heather a bit, but mostly just because we have her and Scarlett over all the time, because Scarlett and Jack are so close. But, really, Heather has been such a blessing to me, and not just for playdates. She is fantastic. She is so positive and upbeat. I laugh and laugh with her, and I always feel so good after spending time with her. It was fun to be out with her, without the kids, and just be friends. I don't know if I would have chosen a pub, but I did learn that they don't kick you out if you just order orange juice! It was a fun night out, and it was fun to hear Jim do his thing, and meet a dear friend of theirs who was visiting from London.

2. Are girls ever sweeter than on a Sunday morning? Anyone with daughters will admit, they are SO much fun.

1. Jack is a little prankster now. Last week, Jeff and I were standing in the kitchen talking about something. Jack comes over and says, "Hey Mom, move back a bit". So, I step back, only to knock right into our huge water bottle he's strategically placed there, sending it rolling all over the floor with a huge hollow bang. He could hardly stop laughing. Neither could Jeff and I. I have also exited Jane's room after putting her down for a nap to find bubble wrap right outside the door, just waiting to be stepped on. He also has lined up cornflakes in strategic places hoping I will step on the and be surprised. I think it's pretty hilarious. And, he's getting pretty good at cleaning up crushed cornflakes.

Okay, so maybe this is our top 11 of the week. Our big news is that we bought tickets to Hong Kong this week! We've been wanting to go since we found out we'd be living here, and I can hardly believe it is happening. I am such a dreamer, and I'm used to my wishes not all happening right away, but this one IS! We leave just a few days after Christmas, and will stay for about a week. Our main reason for going is to visit the Hong Kong Temple. In Utah, there are many temples, and we can get to one in about 20 minutes. The Hong Kong Temple is the closest temple for the members of our church in Thailand. Isn't it gorgeous?

We can hardly wait to have this time together as a family, to see a new city, and see this beautiful temple. Wish us luck as we get the plans rolling!

So, are you feeling like this post was kind of thrown together? Well, you are right. I love doing my blog, and am so grateful for anyone who cares to read it, but this week, I just wanted to be fast. Jeff and Harry Potter are waiting.


Team Hanni said...

I look forward to every Sunday now to read your fun blog. Your Jack sounds like so much fun. What a sense of humor. They are so great.

About the #2 thing..... I haven't had a child that wasn't TERRIFIED to do this. I think it is because they don't get to practice it as often. Anyway, it will come. As frustrating as it is to keep washing and washing, she'll get it.

The Hong Kong Temple is BREATHTAKING! How fun to go see it.

Thanks for your fun blog.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the pictures you post. I check your blog EVERy day, only to finally realize that you usually post each SUnday.

I'm excited that you get to visit Hong Kong. I love all your adventures. YOu are so good at documenting your life there - I can't believe the wiring!!!

So happy we can be in touch.

Love you,
Jennifer the cousin

Joanna said...

Mindy, that picture of Janie on Sunday morning is absolutely the sweetest thing! You're right...girls are super great! Jack is hilarious! BJ reminds me of him so much sometimes - we've got quite the characters! Love you so much!