23 October 2007

I'm late, I'm late

For those of you who read my blog regularly, especially those who read it on SUNDAYS, the day I usually post, I apologize for being so late! Our internet was down Sunday night, and I was exhausted anyway, so it was a good excuse to turn the computer off before bedtime and have some good "Harry Potter" time with Jeff. Oh, that was fun. Can I just say, those books are awesome? It's also nice to have people from England to explain was a "git" is (which, now that I know, maybe I shouldn't be saying it), or explain about treacle. Anyway, it was a nice night off, and now is the first chance I've had to catch up. It's been a crazy weekend, but we've loved every minute of it.

We had lots of playdates, visiting teaching appointments, school assignments, the usual swim lessons and school stuff, plus, we had Stake Conference this weekend. I got to enjoy a night out with a friend, Jade, when we went to an Enrichment meeting (a night for women in our church) out in Nichada. We met up with each other at 6:20pm, and didn't arrive until 8:25pm (after two taxis, two trains, and a motorbike). Yes, you read that right. It took us over 2 HOURS to get out there. We knew it was a risk, but thought we would make the effort anyway and enjoy the time visiting with each other. We stayed for maybe 30 minutes, then were on our way out. It only took us about 30 minutes to get home. This is how things work here! Despite my pounding headache, we still enjoyed visiting with adults and having our hands free for the evening!

Earlier that same day, we had a VERY fun playgroup at our place with some kids from our church. This picture is missing a few kids, unfortunately. It seems like just after someone had left, someone else would arrive. It was great though. Our morning playgroup soon turned into our afternoon playgroup because everyone was enjoying themselves so much. Not in the picture was Ezra and Hyrum, who had to leave a bit early. From the left: Ambrien, Reese holding Kalin, Narissa, Madeline, Jack, Alena, Jane, Kambren, and Abrielle. I think I spell their names differently every time, sorry Jeanette! Jack LOVED having everyone over, even after he got home from school. He was especially fond of Reese this day, who was thinking up all kinds of story lines to play out the whole time they were together. How do I give Jack an OLDER brother?

Friday was a special day at Jack's school, because all the children got to wear their costumes! They celebrated Halloween last week because this week is the half-term break (which we are loving, by the way), so they did their Halloween party early, then will continue the celebration for the actual Halloween day. It was funny to talk to other moms from other countries to learn that Halloween is really only big in the U.S.! But, everyone seems to be joining in the fun here, so hopefully I won't have the "mom guilt" that I did last year for not even putting my kids in costumes because we were so jet-lagged! When we got to Jack's school, we quickly discovered LOTS of superheroes! Two of his best friends were also Batman! Pictured here is Kazuya, Ollie, Oliver, and Jack lining up to go into the classroom.

I couldn't help but sneak into the classroom to get one more picture. It's not great, but I was trying to be quick to not get in the teacher's way! Notice Daisy in the middle. She's Wonderwoman! Jack talked about that costume after he got home that day. He says, "she even had the ROPE!". He was so impressed. I've got to find out where her mom got that one!

These are the spiders they made earlier in the week for their board outside the classroom. Jack told me, "I made my spider the BIGGEST because I am the youngest in the class". He wasn't joking! His is the one in the center!

After school on Friday, we invited Oliver over to play. This kid is hilarious. We had a GREAT time with our two Batmans for the afternoon. I peeked in on them in the play room to find them jumping off the top bunk onto the couch. Why was I even surprised? Getting a picture of these two was quite the challenge. This really was the best one. Oliver was a good poser, but Jack on the other hand, is SO sick of the camera!

We had fun hospital visits this week for blood work and prescription refills. Jeff and I both have this really fun thyroid issue that is now completely under control and really not a big deal. The hospital has actually become a really easy place for me to take the kids with me. The nurses see Jane and immediately bust out toys, suckers, or take her for a walk to show her off. This darling girl came over and played with Jane, even when I wasn't doing anything!

We had awesome Stake Conference meetings this week. I rushed home from a HUGE housewares fare with Catherine Beck when we found out that our husbands had an earlier meeting (lots earlier than we had thought), and unbelievably, we got home quickly! On Saturday night, I got to attend the Adult session which is always my favorite. Jeff stayed home with the kids, and I met a friend of a friend who had just flown in a day earlier from Leeds, England. It was fun to meet up with Sally and introduce her around a bit after the meeting. The meeting was incredible and again, I was struck by how wonderful the Church is. What wonderful people I get to associate with, and how I always leave with renewed goals and wanting to be a better person.

Sunday, we had one more meeting which was broadcast from Salt Lake city for our region here, which includes many different countries. The first speaker spoke in Manderine, which was then translated over the speaker in Thai, and I was listening through headphones in English. Quite an experience. Again, it was an amazing meeting, and the day didn't stop there. We took Sally home with us and later had others join us for dinner. It was quite a variety of friends and family (yes, family!), and we loved it!

From the left: Jade and David Griffiths (they were missionaries here years back and are now here for a semester abroad for David), Sally from Leeds (here to teach English for 6 months, longer we hope!), Andrew Webster (here on business once again, although this is the first time we've had him over. You might remember his wife, Michelle, who I took to some of the sights one day. Very fun! They are Americans, currently posted in Japan), Rikker and Kao (my cousin and his wife who live in Bangkok. She's due in just one more month with their first! Very fun to see them at Stake events, and actually have FAMILY while I'm living in Bangkok! It's especially fun to hear Rikker do most of the translating at every Stake meeting. He's incredible! Rikker also knew Jade and David from when they all served their missions here), and my handsome Jeff and Super Jack. Did I tell you everyone has a story here?

Jack, Jane, and Ezra playing while we ate. Ezra is Jade and David's little one. He is so sweet, and my kids LOVED taking care of him. They all got along really well. Jack said he even liked the name Ezra so much, he wanted to call Jane "Ezra". What? It's a shame you can't seen Jane's outfit. Her swim clothes and ballet slippers. She chooses the most random stuff.

So I was exhausted Sunday, not ready to sit at the computer, and definitely not in the mood to tackle the counters of dishes we had! So, it was a blessing the internet was down! Although, since Sunday, we've had loads of fun things happening already! But, those will have to wait... until next week!


Joanna said...

Nice to finally read your blog after checking it 15+ times since Sunday morning. :o) I love your kiddos and their fun ways that they play. I'm so glad that you were able to have fun with family and friends! Wish we could have been there, too!

Joanna said...

Hi, Mindy. This is Abbie. I miss
you!Jack is so cute!

Jennifer said...

You do such a good job planning playdates and outings. It looks like you have a fun group of friends for you and your kids.

Rhiannon Nielsen said...

Hi Mindy, It is great to see your blog. Your kids are getting so big. I can't wait to see your updates of your family on your blog.