29 October 2007

One YEAR Anniversary!

Today marks ONE WHOLE YEAR that we've been living in Thailand. What a year it has been! When we first got here, Jane wasn't even walking! A lot has changed in this one, wonderful year. In some ways, it seems impossible that we've already been here this long. It feels like just yesterday that we could drive to our parent's houses for Sunday dinner, get to a Target in 10 minutes, or walk across the street for some company. In another way, Bangkok feels so much like home, it's hard to think that it's ONLY been a year. It's amazing how we could leave everything and everyone we know, move thousands of miles away to a new and strange country, yet it really does feel like home. We've grown up a lot this year. I feel like I have been exposed to so many situations and people that has given me a much more open mind. I have become very aware of how blessed I am to have been born into the family I was, married into the family I did, and have the family I have. One year to go and an extraordinary amount to learn.


Jennifer said...

So you are saying that it's your HUMP day. The second half always goes faster (wait a minute - I'm wondering if I still believe that since this pregnancy is likely to last forever). But at least on a mission the 2nd half flies by because you already have grown so much and you are in love with the people and surroundings and then you can't imagine leaving because chances are you will never come back for the same experience. ENJOY the journey!!!!

ryles said...

Hi Mindy..
I cant remember how i ever found your blog.. but i love reading about your family and their amazing journey.
You have such an amazing attitude about all it.
Congratualtions on your one year!
In all the reading i've done.. i've never seen a mention of why you guys ended up in Thailand. I assume it was for your husbands job, but what a move!! I'm not sure i could handle that!
Especially not knowing what kind of church influence you would have there. Its great to see how many friends you have found!
My husband and I live in Utah and i couldnt ever imagine living more than 10 minutes from Target!! :)

Good luck with everything..



Mimi and Papa in Provo said...

Mindy, Jeff, Jack, and Janie: Congratulations on your year mark! Papa and I are so excited to come see first hand everything that you have written about. We love you. See you in two weeks! Love, Mom and Dad

Kellie "kiki" Openshaw said...

Yeah! Today is our one year mark here in Manila. Time hasn't flown for me...but then again I was pregnant for 10 out of the 12 months, figures.

Bettie said...

And how long does it take for a new place to start feeling like home? I haven't gotten there yet...