02 January 2007

New Year, New Home

We are finally in our new place! Just in case you are in the neighborhood, we thought we should post our new address. (Or, if you ever want to see how long it takes to mail things here). We mostly have communicated with Skype which has been wonderful. If you ever want to chat, give us a call over Skype to username jeff.hillman and it's all free. But remember, we are 14 hours ahead of MST so we won't answer at 3am!


Bangkok, Thailand :)


heaps of love said...

i just put two and two together when i was on kellies blog and saw mindy hilman. I got to look at your blog and see your cute family. your kids are darling. your little girl looks just like you. you look so good and its the first time i've seen your hubby. what a fun life you living to bea able to see all that neat stuff. I'm glad you happy and i'm excited to see whats to come on you blog.
love ya jamie heaps (clark)

Dancing on a Dime said...

Mindy, thanks for posting your address. I have a little package to send, but can't decide whether to just send it to you or to Hillman's to bring. Have you received any packages from the US since you've been there?

Garrett, Kellie, and Amaya said...

Happy New Year Hillmans, how exciting you are in a home! We love reading your blog and hearing all your fun adventures. It is nice to know that you guys are also in our time zone! Good Luck for 2007 and happy traveling....