16 January 2007

Hillmans are here!

I am late posting my usual Sunday blog because we have had quite the weekend! Jeff's parents and brother arrived very early Saturday morning and we have been sight-seeing and visiting every minute since! We LOVE being able to share Bangkok with them and are so happy that they came with open minds and stomachs of steel. We actually haven't tried anything too crazy yet, but Dad did eat some kind of bamboo something today at work, and they all ate my Thai dish I cooked for them tonight. I think the biggest breakthrough for Sam was when he announced he was going to "take a vacation from my problems" and try some of our favorite pineapple. He hates fruit, so this was a big step and we are all very proud.

We spent Saturday walking around the city and our favorite park. We quickly realized this wasn't going to satisfy Sam's itch for adventure, so I decided he might be up for the weekend market. I love going to the market and thought I would never meet my match, but Sam is an animal. He's got many things on his list, and I'm impressed with how much he has found and the prices he has gotten!

Dad had to start into work on Monday (after only one full day without travel, ouch!), and seems to be doing great on only a few hours of sleep each night. We are hoping that will change very soon. While Dad has been at work, Mom and Sam have explored the city and are now comfortable taking taxis and the skytrain to our place and beyond. Pretty impressive.

We are LOVING having them here and are excited for the days to come when we can do some real sightseeing. We talked with our Thai teacher tonight and she and her husband are going to take us to see the "ancient city" next weekend, so now we've just got to plan this weekend. In the meantime, Sam and I are working on finding a good place for a massage.

Jack and Jane were loving the tub this morning, so I thought I would get some of those classic naked pictures we all have.

Grandpa with Jane tonight. Dad was SO tired from a full day of work, and he'd been up since 1:30am, I think. Sounds like torture, doesn't it? But, that's what happens when you move ahead 14 hours! He even washed all the dinner dishes for us tonight. I was just surprised he was still standing. What a guy!

I had to wake Janie up from her nap to hurry off to meet everyone at the Night Bazaar last night for dinner and shopping and I thought she would be a wreck, but she was being a total ham. I had to capture it. She wouldn't let this doll go. We carried it in the stroller and the taxi before she got sick of it. Notice Jack's "King shirt" he wears every Monday and also the Batman cape he got for Christmas from Grandma, Grandpa, and even Sam helped too!

Sorry no pictures of us in the city yet. We are so exited to have them here, we have forgotten our camera every time! We'll post some good ones next week.


Anonymous said...

Happy family re-union :-) Yong

Anonymous said...

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