07 January 2007

Home, Sweet Home

Well, the highlight of the week was moving into our new place! We finally feel like we are really living here now, instead of just on an extended vacation. That is nice.

This is Janie on the porch of our old place. Whenever we would be waiting for a taxi, she would sit on this step until it arrived. She loves that she can do it all by herself now, and I love that we don't have to worry about her as much!

We moved on Monday, but didn't get our sea shipment until Wednesday morning, so for 2 days and nights we were making due with paper products and very cheap blankets! But, we managed, and when that shipment arrived, it was like Christmas all over again, but way bigger!

We heard the doorbell ring and answered it to find all these boxes out in the hallway. Jack immediately made friends with all the movers and asked each one of them if his bike was here until he found the one that spoke English. His face was BETTER than Christmas when the guy said, "Yes!". He and Janie loved unwrapping all the "presents" (couches, plates, books, forks, etc.). It's amazing what seems exciting when you haven't seen it for 2 months and it's wrapped up!

These guys unpacked everything and placed it on every surface in the house. They were like an extremely organized Elders quorum. It was a big help, but it made it impossible to try and unpack one box at a time! So, all week we have been working every spare minute to put things away and make our apartment feel like a home. I think we overdid it because on Saturday, Jeff was getting sick and I was SO drained. We barely made it to bedtime!

I thought this was cute of Jeff reading Janie's favorite book for the hundredth time this week with the kids in the rocking chair, one of the few pieces of furniture we brought from home.

We are LOVING so many things about our new place, it's hard to pick out our favorite. We also love the location. It is on a very busy soi (street off of the main street), which can be good and bad. There are numerous restaurants, karaoke clubs (huge here), clothing shops, massage parlors, spas, a vendor with pineapple right outside the building (very nice after a run), and TWO pomelo stands (my new favorite fruit). Jeff and I have been doing our runs at the park that's about 1 km away (also a great park for the kids), right beside a very large shopping mall with a grocery store on the top level. This is also right by the skytrain, which is very convenient! Needless to say, we walk this soi several times a day and the vendors are all getting to know the kids pretty well. I guess the bad part of a busy soi is that it's busy! It is quite noisy and a little hard to navigate our stroller on, but we chose to live in the city and this is all part of it! So, we're figuring it out!

Yesterday, I got to take Jack to his first Primary activity day. It was great. I was very impressed by the turnout and Jack had a blast. He was right in with all the other kids for the treasure hunt, coloring, popping balloons, and painting! He definitely isn't a timid sunbeam! I got to be in Primary with him today too because I was a substitute for one of the older classes. I had 6 very energetic girls, but it was very fun! And I especially liked to see Jack in his new environment.

Jeff went back to work on Thursday and we had our usual meltdowns when he goes back to work after a 2 week break! But, we made it through! Hopefully, we'll do better this week with being on our own and getting back to real life!

I think our biggest adventure, or frustration, since the move would be the ants in our apartment! I guess it's normal for ants to take over apartments that no one has been living in, but dang, it's ridiculous. We had them come up and spray, but it isn't getting any better. I can't even count how many times I've gotten out my vacuum in the last few days to vacuum up trails of ants. This week I take things into my own hands. I'll keep you posted.

This week was significant in that I felt the first hints of homesickness since we got here. Jeff got the mail yesterday and there was a package in it from my Ottley family. It contained a book of Christmas memories compiled by my sweet Aunt Gaye. I looked at that book and the cd with a picture of Grandma and Grandpa Ottley and realized it has been a long time since I have seen any of my family. I devoured the book of Christmas memories, which were awesome, and we watched the slideshow of Ottley family Christmas parties several times. I think up until that point I really hadn't thought about it, but now I realize it has been a long time and I do miss family and friends. So, I decided everyone needs to come and visit. I don't want to come back to Utah yet, I want everyone to come here! Just let me know when to make up the beds! Okay, if that doesn't work, we'll settle for some pictures through email, how's that? I miss you and love you all!


swimminupstream said...

Hi Hillmans! So, is this the final move of the Thailand experience? I think this is the third move that I've read about on your blog! It has made ME exhaused and I'm not even the one doing all the work! I sure love reading your blog Mindy! You do a fabulous job at telling fun stories! I'm thinking I could actually live in a place like Thailand after reading all the fun stuff you write about! Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your move! Yong

Vanessa said...

OH, Mindy,
You have such a positive outlook on things. It's ok to feel a little homesick - actually it's probably good.

We would LOVE to come and visit, just don't know when it will be.

Ants give me the creeps! I hear they don't like hairspray - try that!

Love you all.