12 November 2006

Reality HITS!

So, this week was great, but started off a little rough! Monday was Jeff's first day at work and mine too! I hadn't done the Bangkok thing with the kids and without Jeff yet, so this was a big day for everybody. We made it through that first day, and the rest of the week went really well. Like I mentioned before, I found an awesome grocery store that I got to introduce Jeff and Dave to last night. I spent a morning at a study group with women in the ward which I loved. It was weird to sit down with women that I had so much in common with. No language barrier, and we were talking about the gospel. It was awesome. One of the sisters heard that we didn't have our stuff yet and sent me home from the study group with a big box of duplo legos. We have played with those things for hours!

I've met some sweet sisters that live in the city that I am anxious to get to know better. At church today, we were invited to dinner and Family Home Evening Monday night by a family that doesn't live very far from here and I am excited to meet them (Jeff talked to them). They have a little boy about Jack's age, and Jack is dying for KIDS!

So, Jane decided on Friday that she wanted to start walking. Her body has been ready for a while now, but her mind wasn't convinced. We were down at the pool, and she just picked up a floaty and started walking with it. 12 STEPS! She is as solid as can be! Only problem is, she still doesn't know she is walking! Jeff did get to finally see it again today when she was playing (and not realizing she wasn't crawling). She has also turned into quite a climber! She climbs up on the stroller as high as she can go, or on the tables, couches, etc. We are just trying to teach her how to get down without too many bruises. She loves all the new hiding places in our apartment. She and Jack are often "hiding out" in a new place together. She is also a rice eating machine! We have discovered that she will eat almost anything if it is combined with rice. We sneak in chicken, pork, carrots, eggs, etc. Luckily, there is always a good supply of rice anywhere!

Jack is adjusting very well to our new lifestyle. He loves all the new things. He often says "Mom, that is so cool that the steering wheel is where you sit!" He loves taking taxis and especially loves to be the one to tell them "soi Suan Plu" (our street). The drivers think this is hilarious! Jack has stolen the hearts of all the girls at the front desk. He's got one that asks for a kiss every time we see her and he gets so shy (she is very beautiful!). He often says "I just want to hug them all!", referring to the staff. They all know the kids' names and often help them in/out of cabs, let them play behind the counter, give them things, etc. I agree with Jack completely that I want to just hug them all! They are worth a million bucks!

My favorite thing to do with Jack lately is reading together. We quickly finished the book we bought for the plane trip, and after starting it over, decided we deserved another book! We found a great bookstore here and bought a copy of "James and the Giant Peach". He loves it! We are almost halfway through it and we just bought it Friday. I've never seen him sit so still for so long in his whole life! It is a fun time for just the two of us.

Jeff had a pretty crazy week at work with just getting situated and starting training and what not. He's not accustomed to spending most of his day doing presentations, but it sounds like it is going well. He worked 10-11 hour days this week, but we are both planning on it leveling out once things get rolling. Luckily, he is not very far from the office, so the travel is quick! To say the least, we are all VERY excited for him to be home at night!

We spent Saturday at the "Jim Thompson Museum" which we all really enjoyed. Jim Thompson was the American who started the silk industry here in Thailand. The museum has some very interesting facts of his life, work, and disappearance. We learned a lot, but the whole "please do not touch anything" part was a little hard for Jack. Here's us in front of part of the house. The gardens were amazing!

After the tour, the employees gave the kids the most amazing origami creations I've ever seen! See if you can pick out the elephant, turtle, peacock, frog, bird, or rabbit. Jack was in heaven.

The kids loved just playing around on the grounds and I thought this was a cute one of them together.

This has been a common occurance since we moved here. I think I counted 5 different people that took pictures of Jane while we were at the museum. I figured it would be okay to take a picture of her if she was taking a picture of my little girl.

There are a lot of very interesting things here in Thailand that we have noticed. I think we are just getting used to a lot of them, but this is one Jack brings to my attention daily. I had him convinced for a whole week that the sprayers were only for the "fireman", but somehow he realized that wasn't the primary purpose. He is good to not spray it unless I tell him it's okay. I have been amazed at his self-control!

Overall, it has been a good week, and we continue to enjoy our new life in Thailand!

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swimminupstream said...

Hello Mindy! I'm so glad you're having so much fun and enjoying your time in Thailand! I love all the pictures and your children are beautiful!!! Sure wish we had the same weather you're experiencing here in Utah! Love you! - Tara Fears