07 November 2006

Getting settled

I know we are just loads of fun, but I had such a good day today, I thought I would share why! I spent the morning with a friend from church who actually has a car! She picked us up with her two girls and we went to the most amazing grocery store called Carrefour (pronounced ka-foo, I guess it's French). Anyway, it almost felt like a Sam's club, except everything was still in very small portions. I'm used to buying a huge BOX of wipes that lasts me months, but here you just buy one small package. Everytime I go into the cereal isle I feel like I am in the Children's museum grocery store where everything is miniaturized. They just don't eat cereal here, they eat rice for breakfast! I'm a cereal fanatic, so that is hard to understand. So, I bought a lot of groceries, including dinner (cost 30 baht)from a little food counter in the store, and the best part is, if you spend at least $25 worth on groceries, they will deliver it for you, free! Mary Jane worked it all out with customer service (she speaks fluent Thai, which is also how she talked her way out of getting pulled over on our way home!), and my groceries were on their way! We stopped at the food court for lunch on our way out and had a great Thai dish for only 25 Baht each (about 65 cents). My groceries got to the apartment before me and I couldn't wait to put them in the cupboard. So, here's the picture of my cupboard which actually has food in it!

This is Jack with his new friend, Narissa. They are a year apart, but sure had a blast. She is more reserved, so Jack went into full performance mode for her. She thought he was hilarious. They were holding hands and giggling in no time! I can't believe they both squeezed into this shopping cart car designed for just one! Luckily, they are both pretty small!

We haven't quite figured out the laundry thing yet. The washing facilities here are surprisingly awful. The dryers don't work and are very expensive, so we now do things like the Japanese. We don't need a dryer! We wash them and hang them all over the place! I think most everybody here just sends their clothes out to be done, but I am just too cheap!

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Anonymous said...

It’s good to see you are doing well. I’m sorry we missed saying goodbye; we do have our heater in now though. I just wanted to let you know that we love and miss you. April, James and Family