05 November 2006

Our first week

This was the best part of the whole trip! The flight attendants really do make or break the trip, and these girls made it amazing! Jack was in heaven. They thought everything he did was wonderful and he got whatever he wanted! Who wouldn't love that?

Our apartment complex has a small play area for the kids. We haven't really seen any other kids there, but Jack and Janie have sure enjoyed it! Notice the beautiful greenery on the grounds. It is like this everywhere, and is beautiful!

We celebrated our Halloween a little differently this year. We were VERY jet-lagged and not sure what was available for kids that would start early enough. We rode the skytrain to a GIGANTIC mall called the Siam Paragon where we looked around and got dinner. Very ritzy place! Not a place I would imagine the average Thai would shop! I have "mom guilt" that we didn't do trick-or-treating, but the kids had a great time and I think we were in bed by 8pm, completely exhausted! So, this is Jane enjoying dinner in the stroller.

We spent a morning at the Children's museum right here in Bangkok. It was very old and kind of run down, but the kids had a great time! This is Jack in a huge bubble, which he was very hesitant to get into. I think he thought he would go under water or something. When we went to pay, they asked if we were tourists. We told them we lived in Bangkok and they let us all in for only 190 Baht (less than $5). Just a little cheaper than the new Children's museum at the gateway, which we highly recommend.

Jack as a fireman at the Children's museum. There were very few people there, so he and Jane pretty much had free reign!

We spent an evening playing in Lumpini Park, which is across from where Jeff's office is. We were walking home around 6pm and got to see all the aerobics classes that go on there. People literally just set down all their shopping bags, purses, etc., and join in. The instructor is up on a platform so hundreds of people can follow along. There were several classes throughout the park, all very well attended. We have been very impressed with the Thai commitment to physical fitness. It is just a way of life for them, what good examples they are!

We've loved having access to a beautiful pool and look forward to swims year around! Jack's favorite thing is to be a "mowhawk guy".

Our complex hosted a celebration called Loy Krathong on Friday night. It was a wonderful event with delicious Thai food, dancing, fireworks, games for the kids, and our favorite staff members dressed in these beautiful Thai gowns. Dave is Jeff's coworker that traveled here with us and is staying for a while too. We were glad he wanted to enjoy the festivities as well. Jack loves Dave and asks for him on a daily basis now! We are grateful Dave is such a good sport!

Janie and I with the flowers the girls gave us. Jane doesn't look too excited because she was extremely tired, but we didn't want to miss it! She really did have a good time once she saw the rice!

Jack loved watching them make the Krathongs and he got to put this one in the water all by himself. Okay maybe I helped a little.

These were traditional Thai dancers that entertained at the event. They even got Jeff and Dave out there dancing with them. I should have asked them their secret!

I just realized we hadn't shown any pictures of where we are living. This is just a quick shot of the living area. It is a pretty simple 2-bedroom apartment, but kind of feels like a hotel. We enjoy it, but we know we aren't going to be here permanently, so I guess that is why it feels like a hotel. That, and the maid service, which we aren't complaining about!


Malia said...

Hillmans! I'm so excited that you have this blog - thanks for sending it to me! Everything looks awesome and you all look so happy! Mostly I think the aerobics in the middle of town is awesome! What's the weather like? Always hot?? We miss and love you all!

Nate Hanson said...

Hi Guys! Looks like you didn't waste any time exploring the city and enjoying all the fun things to do. I imagine in a city of 12 million there's always something fun going on somewhere. Jeff, make sure you participate in those aerobics classes in the park at lunch or after work! They look like a blast. Glad you're doing well! Say hello to Dave.


Brian said...

I want to see one of you on an elephant!

Brian Shepherd

Up on the Roof said...

The pictures were beautiful! I missed not talking to you today, but we don't have a phone number where we can reach you. I got a new calling - Primary chorister so sang with the kids in our ward for the first time. It was kind of scary but they were all good sports and terrific singers. They "made me cry" with their wonderful voices and I thought about our family in Thailand and that they were probably doing the same kind of things as they celebrated the sabbath too. The kids sang "There are children holding hands around the world" and that's when the tears started. So I had to tell them about my sweet granddaughter and grandson who will soon be primary children on the other side of the world. Then I told them about how you girls and Jesse make me cry when you perform. They thought that was very funny, but tried to make me cry for the rest of singing time! What a blessing for me to now associate with these beautiful children. They have already stolen my heart! We miss you and are always happy to hear about your adventures. I can't wait to experience the Thailand you are now growing to love. You didn't say anything about going to church or if you have found a permanent place to live. Also, did your air shipment arrive? What does Jack think about the people speaking a language he can't understand? Is he being brave and trying out his Thai words? I can only imagine him trying to teach others ENGLISH! How are the Mom and Dad doing with the language? Much love, Mom Rich

Tara said...

Hi Mindy! I'm so excited to read all about your experiences & adventures on your new blog! Thanks for sending me the link! I'll have to send you ours, although, I'm pretty sure they won't be nearly as exciting as yours!! Love, Tara

Lee said...

Hey Guys! Thanks for the pictures. I can see why Jack had such a great flight - a host of pretty girls doting over him. The celebration looks like it was fun - we are all scratching our heads at work over Jeff and Dave out dancing. You didn't happen to get any pictures of THAT, did you? It is great to see everyone looking so happy. We love you and look forward to more on the blog. Love, Dad

Mindy said...

Hey, thanks guys for reading our blog! We love feeling a little more in touch! Brian, we have every intention of riding an elephant, we just need to figure out when and where! We'll definitely post pictures of that! Dad Hillman,we DID get pictures of Jeff and Dave dancing but posting them was forbidden. Although, they are great pictures of both of them. I was amazed at how good of sports they were. I guess it is easier to just dance then explain to someone in a language you don't speak that you "don't dance".