10 January 2010

My babies

Quite randomly, Jane will come to me with outstretched arms and say, "Look Mom! I'm growing up!"

I think, "Yes. Yes you are" with a tinge of sadness.

My babies are growing up.

Being a mother is a mix of emotions. Of course I'm happy they're growing up, but can't they just stay small a little longer?

This week Alice started sleeping in a room other than my own. We moved her into what we now refer to as "the girls' room", and she slept all night long. And guess who else slept? Me. Not all night, but most of it. It was nice.

Jane is really becoming her own little lady. She has very particular preferences and isn't quiet about them. She's always been a picky eater, at one time eating almost exclusively cereal, chicken, and sticky rice. She's slowly started expanding her food repertoire. The other night, she even ate CARROTS in her soup. CARROTS! This may sound a bit ridiculous (not to mention malnutritious, if that is even a word?) but it's been a struggle, so we called this a victory! Next maybe we'll work on her obsessiveness over having her bedtime blankets completely flat (I mean completely) before she can relax. Maybe.

Jeff picked Jack up from a friend's home last night. Here's a snippet of their conversation on the way home:

Jack: Dad, don't tell anyone, but Nicholas has a girlfriend.

Jeff: Oh, really? Does he KISS her all the time?

Jack: No.

Jeff: Does he hold her hand?

Jack: No. She is his girlfriend, but he isn't her boyfriend. She doesn't know.

First graders are already experiencing the confusion of young (young, young) love? What? Seriously?

Initially it seemed WAY too young, but I could tell you the name of the boy I "liked" as a Kindergartner, so maybe it's not so bad? I turned out OK, right?

It's a new thing to have my children experiencing things that I actually remember experiencing as a child. Oh, the joys of motherhood!


Jennifer said...


byufish said...

I love reading your blog when you pontificate on motherhood. You have great perspective on that role. It's no wonder your kids are ALWAYS smiling...genuinely SMILING in all your pictures! What a fun home it must be to grow up in!!

Emily said...

Gorgeous kids, as I always say! You are right, they grow up too fast and bring with it more joys and more challenges. Enjoy each stage!!

Marilyn said...

What darling pictures of the kids!!

Kami said...

They ARE looking grown up! Such cute photos...did you take them?

theflanfam said...

it is so crazy to see our kids growing up and remembering when that was us. Who would've thought? It goes by so quickly.

Thanks for your comments on my new shop updates. It really does help to have friends support! So thank you , thank you.

Amy said...

Cute post.
The part about young love took me WAY back. I remember a certain neighbor boy that had a HUGE crush on you, I think even before Kindergarten.
And I'll bet I can guess who your Kindergarten crush was. I think we liked the same boy. Funny.

napa-dipu said...

Jack is so smart
jane is so cute and my angel everytime
Alice is nicely smile and so cute same like she sister,
Your babies very woderful , I love your family so much Mindy !
From Napa & Dipu Sharma