19 January 2010


I pulled into a gas station two weeks ago with the kids. It was windy and freezing and I didn't want to get out of the car. (Some days I wonder if I'll ever readjust to this weather.) I opened up the gas gauge with my fingertips because our car was dirtier than ever. DIR-TY. As the gas was pumping, I resisted the urge to jump back in the warm car and thought I could at least squeegee off the windshield and driver side window. I did it as fast as I possibly could. Like I said... freezing. I put the nozzle back, got my receipt and hopped back in the car in record speed. Alice greeted me with screams (not like her), Jane was dozing, and Jack said, "mom, that man is touching our car". What? What weirdo is touching our car?

I turned around just in time to see a big, rough looking fellow step from our car to his pick-up after washing my back window for me.


Last week, a neighbor stopped by that we don't get to see much. Jeff and I chatted with him for a bit about the holidays and his family. He then explained that he'd recently felt he needed to bring me something he'd been working on. He had no idea why, but just knew he was supposed to. I was speechless (which honestly doesn't happen very often). I was stunned he would give something to me for no reason that either of us was aware of, besides his feeling that it should be in my hands.


On Saturday, I finally resorted to cleaning said dirty car on my way home from the gym. (Kid-less... the only way to do it.) I vacuumed it out, then pulled into the self-wash stall and put quarter after quarter in until the vehicle was again recognizable. It was freezing. Cold mist is not fun on bare ankles and hands. I hurried to hop in, anxious to get home to relieve Jeff. Just then, a man knocked on my window. Again, WHAT? Why is a man outside my car and knocking? I cautiously opened the door, only to have this kind man ask if I need tow rope. He explained how he gets them free from work and had a few sitting in the back of his truck. I thanked him, took the rope, and drove away.

I remember moving to Salt Lake from Logan shortly after Jeff's graduation. It was the first time in our married life that we had channels on our TV. Jack was only 1 week old, and having left school, work, friends, and all other responsibilities behind, I found myself using the TV for company. I watched a lot of news (and Dr. Phil) and was shocked that we were going through such a terrible spell of crime, child abductions, and violence in our country. I honestly thought, "why is this all happening at once?". I'd been living in a bubble, completely unaware of the world around me as I had spent every waking hour for the last five years studying, teaching, or practicing. This wasn't a bad spell. This was the real world.

Some days it's hard for me to remember that amidst all the bad out there, there is still a lot of GOOD in the world. I believe this to be true, but sometimes it's nice to have some evidence.


Gaye Brown said...


Adri said...

Love this post, Mindy!

Miggie Do said...

I really enjoyed that!

My car remains to be washed...since summer!

We are in the tv stations phase. Kirksville was so small it didn't pick up anything. Now Trenton is so close to Canada it interferes with the signal. Sometimes we get a couple of Canadian channels.

I also just realized that you live really close to Brian's brother, Pat. i think just a few miles away!

Nicole said...

Mindy, your kids are beautiful and so photogenic. Glad you're back in UT. :)

byufish said...

You are wise. I love seeing you...however brief...at rehearsals and broadcasts. We just need to find a way to MINGLE...sigh.

John and Megan said...

I love that post. It's wonderful to see the evidence, because really there still is so much good left in the world. I'm so glad you shared this.