18 August 2008

Word Girl and Super Why

When we were visiting Utah in April, Jack watched PBS one morning with his cousins at Mimi and Papa's house. He kept talking about "Super Why" (and singing the theme song over and over... and over), who I have since learned is a PBS super hero named Wyatt who's super power is that he is a super reader! Very cool for my boy who LOVES to read. Since then, we finally got around to looking up pbskids.com to find out more about this super reader. There are all kinds of little games, show excerpts and such, that Jack loves. One of which is Word Girl. She's a super hero who uses her power of words to saves the day, or something like that. In her comic-strip type segments she uses a big word and then gives the definition, usually to the villain who is obviously not smart enough to know the meaning. If he was smart, he wouldn't be a villain, right? So, Jack's started to slip some of these new words into our every day conversations. He'll say, "Mom, sometimes I feel kind of timid. That means quiet and shy." He was telling me what "vicious" meant the other day too. This shouldn't really surprise me because I know (and maybe I'm a little biased), that Jack is quite bright for his age, but it is funny to hear him saying words that are not normal for a 5 year old. The other day, he and I were walking home with a lot of groceries, and they were getting heavy. He was carrying a bag of toilet paper that was pretty awkward. We were casually talking about our morning and our plans for the afternoon when he said, "Mom, this bag is getting kind of cumbersome".


Tara said...

OK Hilarious (and totally cute)!!! I think Jack and Haley (salmon) need to meet...in a few years!

Bettie said...

I need to check out those for myself! Isobel would totally love that. She mentioned today that her favorite thing about school is reading - wahoo!

Mimi and Papa in Provo said...

I remember how excited he was about that show on TV. I had no idea that he would remember it like he did. It doesn't surprise me at anything my grandchildren do. Afterall, they ARE children of my children!