11 May 2008

What a blessing

Chances are, if you are taking the time to read my blog, you are probably someone who has affected me as a mother. Not only do I have two of the best mothers in the world, I have Grandmas, Aunts, cousins, and sisters who never fail to amaze me as they do astounding things with their everyday lives. Thank you to all the mothers out there, as well as the men who have helped me become a better mother.

I truly believe there is nothing more important in this world than being a mother. I feel extremely blessed to have two little ones that I get to care for, play with, and learn from each day. Who could ask for better teachers of patience? Selflessness? And surely, nothing is more humbling than holding a precious infant in my arms and knowing that my Father in Heaven has entrusted me with His child. Being a mother is a blessing. So, to Jack and Jane, thank you for letting me be yours.


Tara Fears said...

I can't believe I totally missed you! That's a bummer!

byufish said...

You're a great example Mindy...with the success you are having with your kids, as a mother and wife, and how much you serve those around you. What are the odds in such a difficult world we live in? You're doing good things...can't wait to see how the rest of your life pans out. And like Tara...what a bummer that we missed you!