04 May 2008

...and we're back!

With only 3 weeks to be with our family, who wants to be sitting at a computer uploading pictures? Not me. I've gotten way behind, and I will continue to be for a little longer as we "re-enter" real life once again.

Travel went really well coming home. The kids walked all over the airports, slept when they were tired, and we all turned into a bunch of temporary couch potatoes during the flights. That was by far the easiest flight we've had, yet it is still nice to think that we don't need to do it again until December! We arrived late last night (Saturday) and got to bed around 2am this morning, yet were still able to make it to Sunday meetings, thank goodness. We really missed our ward here, and I was amazed at how well Jack and Jane did! We've spent the day napping (a little) and bumming around the apartment, and in an effort to not fall asleep too early, we got almost all of our stuff unpacked. It is nice to be home.

Best news of the day... our dear friends, George and Mary, have been accepted by Holland and will move in July! This is a HUGE thing for refugees here who are either accepted by a country, stay here illegally, or have to return to unsafe conditions in their home country. I couldn't be more thrilled to say goodbye to people we love so much!

Stay tuned for highlights of our trip full of memories!


Anonymous said...

Let me know where your friends in Holland are going - I have lots of friends there, and I know they would look after them.


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