15 April 2007

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know, it's April. But, this is the weekend that we get to celebrate Songkran, the Thai new year and it is GREAT! Jeff got Friday off work as well as Monday, and the best part is that almost everyone leaves the city for this holiday. I hardly recognized parts of the streets because our usual vendors were all gone, there is very little traffic, and the few people we walked past were only there to throw water on people that passed by. The New Year is celebrated with a LOT of water fights, so whenever you go out you need to be prepared to get buckets of water thrown on you. We were surprised at how nice the people with hoses were as we passed by. We actually got more wet driving home in a tuk-tuk than we did walking by on foot! Jack thinks this is all awesome!

Earlier in the week, we celebrated our Easter on Monday, which was a lot of fun. The kids are at such great ages right now, where everything is hilarious.

This is just one picture of our Easter fun. We colored eggs, but don't you think they look a little... brown? Yes, the only eggs that I could find here, beside duck eggs which I didn't want to risk, were brown. The kids loved it, nonetheless! Jane is such a cheeser lately.

The other day, I caught the kids randomly hugging and swaying together while doing our "Circle of Love" song (a silly song that my Mom made up that we did after family prayer every single day growing up. We have carried on the tradition, so thanks Mom!) I thought this was too cute, but only caught the end of it (during the "yaaaayyyy!"). I have said it before, but I'll say it again, I love watching my kids together.

Janie was my little "cookie jar" today while I was making dinner. This is where my mom used to put me while she was baking. I was younger and lots chubbier, if you can believe it. As cute of a kid as I was, I don't know how I could top this sweet smile. I thought my mom and family would appreciate this picture.

Janie loves to pretend she plays computer games like her brother. She loves to watch the Sesame Street characters, but of course, doesn't quite get how to control the mouse. Jeff thought this was hilarious.

We spent last night at the park not far from our home. I love this park, although it is SO hot, we haven't been for a while. But, once the sun went down it was quite pleasant! It was fun to see all the families there together with a lot of water guns! I loved Janie's grin. Jeff and I are constantly saying, "Oh my, she is the cutest thing ever!" And she just keeps topping herself! Her first sentence, "I love you", absolutely melts my heart. She says so many words now, I don't think I could count (of course, not everyone could understand them yet!). I love this stage!

Jack found a friend at the park, Nop. He was a sweet Thai boy who had just got a new bike from the store with his dad. Jack, of course, wanted to try it out, and I was amazed at how generous Nop was. They kept taking turns with who was driving and who was riding. Then they would switch who was riding and who was running along side. Nop was so sweet and spoke English really well, just like his Father. They frequent the park, so we hope to run into them again.

This picture was taken by Dom during our trip to Ban Krut last week. This is one of the most natural picture of Jack we have had in a long time. We both just love it and can't stop looking at our handsome boy who is all grown up! I can't believe he starts school in just one more week!

A few things about Jack this week: 1) He discovered how to snap his fingers. He practiced and practiced until he can get a snap out of 3 fingers on his right hand. His eyes light up when he gets a really good one, it's magical! 2) For the first time since December, Jack didn't request "Far, Far Away in a Manger" as one of his bedtime songs. Instead he asked for "Angels on High". 3) Jack and I finished reading The BFG by Roald Dahl yesterday. I think this has been one of our favorite chapter books together, despite the child-eating giants. We started our 3rd Roald Dahl book tonight, Matilda, and we are already hooked! This is our favorite time of the day together.

Happy New Year!


Lee said...

Thanks again for the weekly blog, Mindy. It is so incredible to see how quickly the kids are changing. They just keep getting cuter (Jack) and more beautiful (Jane). We love you and can't wait to see you this summer.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to your family in Thailand :-) Yong

MJ said...

What an amazing experience you guys are having. That is hilarious that they throw water at everyone, what a fun tradition. Your kids are beautiful!!!

Adri said...

I love to read your blog! You are an inspiration of good motherhood, Mindy. We can't wait to be together in July....better reserve some Ottley cousin time! :)

Anonymous said...

I love when they wear onesies like that, unsnap a couple of crotch snaps, diaper aside, super close up pics of the lovely little bald pussy, snap up again 2 or 3 mins you are done and nobody ever knows, as they get older the snap sleepers are nice too, undo a couple of snaps, panties aside and finger their tight little pussy while they sleep

Anonymous said...

I do that with my niece I have some awesome pics of her bald ginny love whacking off looking at them thinking what I am going to do to her once she gets a bit older