22 April 2007

Boats, bowling and mermaids

It's been just a nice, slower, week for us and we've loved it. I knew going into it that this is my last week with both my kids at home full-time, so I really wanted to enjoy it. Jeff had Monday off for Songkran, so we spend some time at our favorite park, Suan Lumpini, and finally did the paddle boats we've talked about doing for months now. It was a beautiful day, but oh, so HOT! Jeff and Jack went out first, and I stayed with Jane to feed the fish and visit with all of her admirers.
I don't know how hot it was that day, but today, on the way home from church, the thermometer read 39 Celsius (102 F). Yes, HOT! Consider that, with all the humidity. The best example of how life is right now is that Jeff went out for his run at 5am yesterday. He was sitting on a park bench before his run and was already dripping. After his run, he looks like he just got out of the pool, fully clothed.

So, next week is a big week for all of us. Jack starts school on Tuesday (aaahhh!) and turns four on Wednesday (yaaaayyy!). Since I knew this coming week would be crazy, we did a few things to celebrate his birthday this last week too. Our favorite thing was taking our usual playgroup, plus Jake, Meg, and Cyan (all homeschooled, so it worked out perfectly) and going bowling for Jack's birthday. He loved going for Jeff's birthday, so we thought it would be fun to go with all our little friends too. 8 kids and 4 adults was a little nuts, but luckily, we went as soon as the bowling alley opened, so we had it all to ourselves for the first bit. Plus, in Thailand, where there are children, there are also many helpers. We had 2-3 employees watching us and playing with the kids at all times. I don't know if they are doing it to make sure we don't break anything, or if they just love to watch the children, but it was this way last time we went bowling at a completely different place! I think it's because Thais just love children.

This picture definitely didn't capture all the fun, but it was the only one I could get them all in! They didn't want to stop playing, so it was a little bit of a challenge just to sit them down.

Jane and Jake playing together like always. We figure that by the time Jane is old enough to get married, Jake could already have his doctorate and be well on his way. Isn't that a great plan?

This picture is more accurate of how the kids were acting while we were bowling. They were bouncing off the walls. It was so much fun and we didn't even have any balls dropped on toes (something I've done twice. I know, I'm a genius).

Friday afternoon was just me and Jack. My heart hurts when I think of not having all that time together like we've always had, so I made sure that we got a special afternoon out, just the two of us. He chose to go to MBK (a shopping mall) and get ice cream and pick out a special birthday toy. He was so excited to be on HIS schedule, so we looked at every toy stand, ate dried mangoes, and bought him some Lightening McQueen pajamas. He was in heaven.

Saturday, we went to Ocean World, like we do almost every week, but Daddy got to come this time! There is a Cartoon Festival exhibit going on for another couple of weeks where they do a live Mermaid dive and show, have all kinds of fun displays and we surprised him and actually said "yes" when he asked us (like he does every time) if we could go on the glass bottom boat.

Janie and Jack were so excited to put on these cool life jackets and see all the fish and sharks from the boat. The guide was fluent in English, so he said everything twice, for our sake. We never thought it looked that cool before, we just wanted to give Jack a birthday treat. But, we were impressed with how fun it really was. Not that we would pay to do it again, but for once, it was fun!

Janie thought the mermaids were pretty cool. I thought this was cute that she even wanted a picture with them. She stood and waited her turn and everything.

I thought Jack would be completely mesmerized by the mermaid dive, but it was Jane that loved it. She kept saying "more, more!". Jack kept pointing out that he could see her legs. I'd try to tell him that they were fins and he'd say, "but she has knees!". Not much can get by him anymore.

Janie is our color queen right now. She always is saying "color, color!". Jack wouldn't sit and do anything at this age without a load of snacks, so it surprises me every time. She has a problem with eating the crayons, so I bought her some little colored pencils and she loves them. In this picture, she is wearing my running socks. She loves to put things on her feet, but usually it's someone's shoes. I don't know if you can see her curls in this photo very well, but they are darling! I've been wanting to cut her hair for months, but just haven't brought myself to do it because she just keeps getting more and more curls as her hair gets longer and it gets more humid. I learned the word for "doll" about a month ago and have since heard people say it about Jane many times. I think she looks like a doll too. A big, soft one.

A few things about Jane: 1) She started saying "thank you" for the first time this week. When we first got here, she immediately started saying it in Thai at the appropriate times, but has never said it in English. We are a little sad about this, but she probably should know how to say it in English, right? 2) She copies everything Jack says, but more than anything, his sound effects. He will come in and give a huge sigh, or a "woo-hoo" on the tuk-tuk, or she'll even hear the taxi meter beeping and will copy it exactly. We all get a big kick out of this because half the time, we don't think she even realizes she's doing it. 3) Janie is still just as loving and cuddly as ever. She loves to kiss and hug us, especially Jack, and even went to give Brother Andersen, a good friend from church, a huge hug when he dropped us off tonight. She always goes for Jack first thing when our family prayers are over, and of course, he thinks this is hilarious to get away. They both love the game. 4) Janie loves her nursery class at church. I love being in there and watching her participate and play with the other children. We had our funnest time yet in there today and I loved that I got to share it with her. The best part is, she has no idea she is the youngest, so she just keeps up with all the 3 year olds. Just like at home.

Wish me luck this week as I send Jack off to school for the first time. I hate the thought of it, but know he is so ready to be with kids his own age everyday, and learn SO much. He has such an inquiring mind. The questions never stop. Really. Sometimes, I have to just ask him to say "oh, okay", for my own sanity! Hopefully, school will satisfy part of that curiosity, and I can take over the rest. I think most moms would be worried about their child's first day for the child's sake. Not me, I'm worried about me. Jack can't wait!

"I can do this, I can do this...."


Anonymous said...

When are you guys coming back to Utah for a vacation? - Yong

Lee said...

You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. It will be so exciting every day when Jack comes home and tells what he has learned. Thanks for the fun entry. We love you all.

Mindy said...

Yong, good question! We just got our tickets this week for June 28-July 14. We are getting really excited to do more than IM and email with everyone!

Pinkamon said...

Happy Birthday to Jack. :)

He is a very cute and smart kid.

I'm looking forward to hearing Jack's stories in the school.

Miss Jack & Jane.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday Mindy!!!!! Hope it was a good one. We missed you! (so what's new)
We can't wait to hear about Jack's new school. Hey, Jack, where did you get those cooooooooooooool orange shoes. Can you remember that Mimi has some just like it? All these pics are just adorable especially the one of Janie playing "cookie jar" and the beautiful natural one of Jack. You can say all you want about he "cheeser smiles" but I love everyone of them. I tried to get copies of some of the pictures I downloaded from your blog and they didn't print up very well. Can you bring a CD with all your pics when you come to Utah in July? Love, Mom Rich