18 February 2007

Back in the groove.

Life has slowed down somewhat now that we don't have any family visiting. It's been just over a week since Dad left, but it seems like SO much longer! We have been getting back into our daily groove of things: play dates, Ocean World, parks, walks, and simply surviving! It's been good for all of us to slide back into somewhat of a routine, but of course, with kids, life is always a little unpredictable. Here are some fun, everyday pictures from this week.

Jack and Narissa are such a cute pair. They've been especially close since Narissa returned from spending over a month in Utah. We are SO grateful for her and her sweet family!

Anutra brought her husband, Bird, with her on Tuesday for our Thai lesson. He took Jack into the playroom while we had our lessons. Occasionally they would come out to tell us of their adventures. Jack loved having a super hero buddy. Thank goodness we have two capes now! They are used EVERY day! Bird was a VERY good sport, and Jack had a blast, but we caught Bird asleep on the couch by the end of the night. It's hard work to keep up with a 3 year old!

For Valentine's Day, we decided to meet Jeff for lunch at his work, something we haven't had a chance to do yet. He has a great cafeteria there that serves delicious Thai food very cheap. Jack and Daddy treated themselves to Coconut Milk Ice Cream afterwards, one of our favorite desserts. The Hillmans commented many times about how the ice cream toppings look more like a salad bar, and they are right. This is what Jack chose for his, plus some other surprises the lady thought Jack would like. Mmmmm...

On the way to Jeff's work, we stopped at our favorite park to play for a bit. My kids are always happiest at the park. Janie's smile is pretty solid the entire time she is swinging. I love it!

Also, in the park this week, we saw one of the big water monitors which roam freely in Lumpini park. We see these regularly, but this day, Jack and I spotted something in its mouth. Any guesses on what it is? Jack thought this was awesome!

Jack and Janie were playing so cute this day. They discovered this fun space in the kitchen where normally a dishwasher would be. We opted not to pay more for that, so, now whenever I do the dishes, I sing my mother's wonderful "I love the dishes" song, set to "I love the mountains". Thanks mom, for making even washing the dishes an enjoyable time! That's my mom for you! We are glad this space can occasionally be used as the location for Jack and Janie's "Super Cave".

Tonight, we were lucky to have some friends over for dinner. Kathrine and her two children, Shawn and Malee, live on a small island down south. They travel around 5 hours on Friday to come for the weekend, then they stay (with a family in the ward) to attend church on Sunday and return home on Monday. Her husband works as a tattoo artist on their island and his busiest time is the weekend, so she does the trip once a month by herself! I am amazed at her dedication to attend and bring her children as often as she can. The kids had a great time playing and Kathrine and I loved visiting outside of the church hallways!

Jack and Shawn especially had fun pulling out ALL the toys and getting in the toy box. They loved having this extra time together, but unfortunately, it ended badly. While Jack was trying to get a drink from our water cooler, with just his mouth (he's never done this before, so I think he was just trying to be silly), he burned his arm pretty badly from the hot spout. He's been in pain ever since, and isn't fond of the cold bags on his arm. He's doing better, but we'll see how it is in the morning. Any suggestions?

Well, we hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day this week! There sure was a lot of RED in Bangkok this week. Some for the holiday that all of you were celebrating, but mostly for the Chinese New Year! So, a big Happy New Year goes out to all, especially to one of my favorite Equis employees, and most faithful readers. To Yong, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to you and your family!


Lee said...

I LOVED the pictures in this week's blog. The shot with Jack and Narissa is one of the cutest pictures you've posted. I wish I'd seen a monitor eating a turtle while I was there. That shot is great.
I'm sorry to hear that Jack got burned. I hope he is doing OK. That can be pretty miserable.
Thanks for the post.
Love, Dad

Adri said...

So fun to read your news, Mindy! We got to have dinner tonight with your mom and my kids gave her some hugs on Jack and Jane's behalf. What a fun mom you have! We missed your dad because he was sick. Your photos are so cute...I'm glad I don't see roaming reptiles at the park here. Are you ever worried??? ---Adri

Anonymous said...

Do they celebrate the Chinese New Year at all in Thailaid? Wish you guys a great week! - Yong

Dancing on a Dime said...

Mindy, was it a turtle in the monitor's mouth. Yikes! What did Jack think about it? Tell me how Jack got "burned" on a water fountain? I'm so confused. Your Thai teacher is so fun and isn't that great that Jack likes to play with "new friends" all the time. Does Janie sleep during your Thai lesson? Loved the photos! Make more movies too! That was adorable. I'm going to show it in Primary Music time! Love you, Mom, Mimi, Linda, Babe, whatever!

Mindy said...

Adri, we see those water monitors so regularly now that we don't really think about it! They are actually pretty scared of people. If you go near them, they will dive back in the canal. So, no worries! Yong, YES! Thais seem to celebrate EVERY major holiday: Japanese, Chinese, American, etc. It's fun! I heard China town was pretty amazing last night! We'll have to try that one next year. Mom, our water cooler holds the big bottles of water that you turn upside down. It comes out of one spout very cold, and the other very hot. He just accidentally bumped it, I guess. It was pretty awful, but he's recovering well. I'll be sure to post any videos I put together for anyone who's interested!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mindy for your wishes for me. I read your article in a hurry at work so I didn't see the last sentence. Lee today just mentioned to me that you talked about me in the blog and I noticed your good wishes. Thank you so much :-) Yong.