11 February 2007

Famous Thai massage... mmmm...ouch!

We said goodbye to Dad this week, but not before he treated Jeff and I to a night on the town (our first time out, just the two of us, in 3 1/2 months. Ouch!) We hardly knew what to do with ourselves, walking along the sidewalks with no stroller, no kids in arms, and no huge backpack full of diapers, snacks, emergency items, and extra outfits. It was awesome. We were SO excited and went directly to a tailor to get Jeff fitted for a free pair of trousers and a dress shirt (compliments of the company that moved us over here. They are awesome.). I know, this isn't really exciting, but we were both VERY glad we did it without the children. This place we went was amazing. Everyone that walked in the door, and there were several in the short time we were there, was greeted by name. Even businessman they hadn't seen in years. We were convinced that these owners were either the best businessmen ever, or the shop was filled with very convincing actors. We then decided to try one of the many Japanese restaurants on our street. The food was delicious and we enjoyed a very grown-up conversation for the entire dinner! It was awesome. Thanks Dad!

Another thing Dad decided had to be done before he left was that he needed to experience one of the famous massages that Thailand is so famous for. We didn't try the official Thai massage (but definitely will another time), but opted to go for an oil massage instead. Lucky for me, Jeff doesn't really get into that kind of thing, so he took the kids and Dad treated ME! We both loved our massages, but I think before my next one, I will learn how to say, "soft, please". I think Dad's a little tougher than me. My upper back felt bruised for the next 2 days. Ouch! But, I'm not complaining, it was awesome.

Monday was my date with Jeff, Wednesday was with Dad Hillman, and Thursday.... Jack. After being away for so many nights in a row, I decided I needed a night out with my little man. We walked, more like raced, to the Emporium (a big shopping mall 1 km away) and stopped at our favorite bookstore to read whatever books Jack wanted, which we normally can't do because Janie is destroying all the displays! Then, I let Jack pick a place to get ice cream cones. He chose well....mmmmm. We explored parts of the mall we hadn't seen yet, then started back home, stopping at every street vendor and shop that Jack found interesting. It was so much fun to spend time, just with Jack. We completed our fun date with catching a motorcycle taxi home for 10 Baht (about 30 cents). Jack was in heaven.

My kids LOVE boxes. Aren't they the best toys ever? I feel guilty every time I get rid of one.

Jeff and I couldn't stop laughing when we saw Jack sleeping like this. He was completely out. I was sure he was going to wake up with the flash and fall off the bed. Luckily, he is a heavy sleeper.

In honor of Valentine's Day this coming week, I put together a simple video of one of my favorite couples. In our family, we don't really celebrate Valentines Day in February as a couple, so much as we celebrate it as a family. For our 5th anniversary, I put together a video as a surprise for Jeff and had so much fun doing it. So, for Valentine's Day, I decided to put together a video of Jack and Janie set to one of our favorite bedtime songs. Short and sweet. Hope you enjoy it!



Dancing on a Dime said...

LOVED the sweet pictures and music in the video. This is a sister and brother that will always be close! It was adorable. Thanks for taking your busy time to make it for all to see. Love, Mom Rich

Vanessa said...

Oh, Mindy.
I cried and cried watching those two precious angels together. They are happy because YOU are happy. I have always admired the way that you can LAUGH at all the silly things in life, instead of getting upset. I want to be more like you!

Adri said...

Such a cute video, Mindy. You are technical! I'm impressed that you figured out how to do video on your blog. You'll have to share your knowledge! :) Your kids are so sweet. Ditto to what Vanessa said! Thanks for being such a great example to all moms! Happy Valentine's Day! Adri

Jennifer Stock said...

SO adorable!!! You guys must be having the adventures of a lifetime. You will love all those candid shots of your babies together. Soon enough they'll both be in school and you can't get those toddler years back. Miss you guys. Love, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day! - Yong

swimminupstream said...

SO CUTE! Loved the video! Your children are AORABLE!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Leslie here, I loved this video. I'm here at April's and I love your site with all the info and am so glad you are having fun. I am babysitting now for a living, not much $ but it's better than nothing.